Dani Stockham

I am a mother of 2 amazing girls just trying to do my best as I live the dream life in Northern CA. I write about being a woman, mother, wife and sister. I am pretty good at all of these and have moments when I am amazing.

Never should have started that.....

The prompt is to write about a relationship I never should have had....Whichever short, doomed "relationship" I choose to write about today will be very loosely classified as a "relationship".I once made a list....of all of my "relationships". ...more

Catching what I fished for...

My inner voice told me what I already knew. I lied to myself to keep from admitting that I was living with a liar. Then I stopped living with the liar but continued to sleep with the liar and this helped the volume of my conscious to lower…but it was still there. ...more

The double standard double cross

A double standard exists. It is apparent on the job, in sports, and of course in scandals. When a man cheats on his wife, he is an ass but no one drops their mouth agape like that is unheard of. Switch the roles and have a woman, publicly cheat on her spouse and she is a harlot, Sister Mary slutty, etc.  ...more

Covering my ears and saying "blah blah blah blah blah"!

Any scandals involving racial abuse or torture of children are too much for me to handle. However, I am a news junkie and I watch programs like "Law and Order SVU". So even though I am slammed weekly and sometimes daily by coverage and images of these above stated scandals, I still watch, read and hear about them....more

I love a public scandal...

Our world is filled with public scandals. Most of them are political in nature excluding Justin Bieber and Kimye.I must say I was taken by the scandal involving then NY Governor, Eliot Spitzer.I thought his wife was nuts and he was a smug player...however, as my husband so eloquently put it, "dude likes his pussy"...since when is that a crime? ...more

Lies I tell...

It is for their own good. Sometimes the answer to their question is T.M.I. I HAVE to tell a lie. The truth would be damaging. Examples? I have so many....My girls are 12 and 11. 7th and 6th graders respectively. G will be 13 in June. L will be 12 in October. Young ladies, accent on young....more

Lies my parents told...

This won't take long.IF THEY WERE TALKING, THEY WERE LYING.Period.End of blog for today.Scandal day 3 blog post.True story. ...more

Yesterday's blog, today

There is a scale that is used for a horse's temperament. I know this because my youngest daughter constantly wants us to buy her a horse. She does not think $30K is too much for us to spend. She is in a dreamland. Back to the temperament scale....a "1" is considered a "bomb proof" horse. First time horse buyers, buying a horse for their young rider, may want the horse to be bomb proof...so the child doesn't get thrown and knock her front teeth almost completely out...oh, just me? Ok.......more

So scandalous

The blogging topic for April is Scandal. This is because Kerry Washington joined Blogher and this is how they honor her. I adore Kerry and I am obsessed with her show Scandal.The prompt for today is: What is the most scandalous thing you have ever done?...more

Five things.

I said I wasn't going to do it. You know, participate in this month's NaBloPoMo. Well, I am not officially participating because I will be "off the grid" for my 7 day cruise and I will not be able to post so I am going renegade and just posting if I see a prompt that makes me want to write.Listing 5 interesting things about me is one such prompt....more
I think the worst thing about aging is not the years passing.  I think it's when we look in the ...more