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Quite Possibly the Funniest 44 Insults Ever…

On the SDL Facebook page, I asked you, “what is the absolute funniest insult you’ve ever heard?” Without further ado, I give you what might possibly be, the funniest 44 insults ever. Er… At least they’re my favorite from your replies! “If I wanted to kill myself, I would climb up your ego and jump down to your IQ level.” “I can’t believe you used to be the best mom in the world!” – from my 5 year old son after a tantrum ....more

Squiggly Line Amazingness!

Remember when we were kids and we didn’t have iPads to take care of our boredom, so we did awesome things like squiggly line contests… My siblings and I used to draw random lines on a sheet of paper and then pass it to each other to create art from it. I had forgotten all about it until my reader Jenn suggested I do it with all of you. It took me exactly 2 seconds to decide to do it, and another 45 to draw a squiggly line and upload it! ...more

The Panicked Sprint

8:37 PM: The Panicked Sprint Well. This happened. I finally just escaped from my garage after being trapped inside of it for two hours, butt ass naked ....more

The Unexpected Group of People Who Saved Me

Two and a half months ago, I started the Single Dad Laughing Health Club on Facebook. I had no idea that in such a short time, it would save so many people in so many ways. There are about six thousand of us in the group now ....more

This is Beautiful You

Finally, my favorite post of the week! Every Sunday morning I take some of the photos that you have uploaded to the...more

30 MORE Awesome Pictures of Your Kids Caught Red-Handed

Over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook Page I asked you to submit pictures of your kids caught red-handed. The more mischief, the more mess, the more awesome, right? Haha ....more

The Last Awkward Piece of the New Dating Puzzle

In the last few months especially, I have been mentally dissecting dating in the here and now. More specifically, why it is so much harder today than when I was 20 years old and a very broken individual. I mean come on… how was it so much easier to find love at 300 lbs., not a dollar in my pocket, and a stack of insecurities that shadowed the Eiffel Tower and tipped my stability more precariously than the Tower of Pisa? ...more

One Prank That’ll Just Make Your Heart Happy

How about something more positive and upbeat… Something that should make anyone’s heart? After this morning’s post, I know I could use it! Anyway, a reader sent this to me ....more

The Non-Christian, Blue Collar, Neighbor Man

Based on a true story in a white collar, almost completely Christian neighborhood where I lived. Once upon a time, a non-Christian, blue collar, neighbor man overdosed on pain pills and nearly died. His wife was very sad ....more

This is Pretty Much All We Do to Fix Your Crap

Dear everyone, except for my grandma and my mom who I’m always happy to come help… And I mean always. This is how we, the people who understand a bit about tech, fix your crap. Your computers ....more