I write to fight my mind and create light.

I know that there are millions of you out there who live each day with a smile, even though you don’t want to. I know that you don’t want to appear weak and whiny and self absorbed. All you want is some joy and some light. This place is for all of you. I made this, I am writing this for the millions of brave souls who are battling a battle that no one knows about.

In 10 Seconds I Was Probably Going To Die. I Didn’t Care

What happens to us in that little interim between a beginning and its end? We spend all our time in tightly clinging to this one chance at a life. Living it by any means possible. No expense spared and no moments wasted.Then one day, all of a sudden we hurtle towards an unknown ending at such a fiery speed that it leaves us breathless. How do you emerge on the other side? Dead, alive or in some form of existence that only those who have crossed the line will know?I gripped the shoulders of my friend riding the motorbike. In the blurred moments before, I knew that he had tried to control the bike as much as he could. He had failed.  ...more

5 Songs That Can Get You Through The Dark Days

In the worst of times, the Universe sometimes sends you light in the form of a song. It can happen when you are restlessly flipping through the music folders on your battered laptop or in the midst of frenetic shuffling through your MP3 player. Maybe you are walking down a road, and suddenly this unearthly melody fills your ears and drowns your soul. Before you get to thinking it is a voice in your head, you find the song emanating from a cafe, or a shop. At that moment, you tell yourself, "I need that song, I've got to have it." You rush home and Google the few garbled keywords you remember. If you are lucky, you find the song....more
hopethehappyhugger Enya's music is beautiful!more