Gretchen Hamel

Gretchen Hamel, executive director of Public Notice, is a leading female voice on policy and communication in Washington, D.C. At Public Notice, Hamel leads a team of experts to help make sense of complex economic, regulatory, and budget issues for everyday Americans who don't have time in their busy schedules to follow the ins-and-outs of Capitol Hill. Bankrupting America, a debt-reduction project of Public Notice, has gained significant media attention from local and national outlets, including CNN, Fox News Channel, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. Hamel is a fourth-generation ranch girl from southwest Oklahoma and blogs regularly at, where she blends her deep roots in agriculture with her passion for policy, communications, sports and pop culture.

A Dose of Debt Ceiling Reality for President Obama

Sometimes it feels like we swing from one fiscal crisis to the next. Earlier this month it was the fiscal cliff, now it is the debt ceiling, and after that will be the sequester. All of these are self-inflicted consequences of rampant overspending in the federal government and a propensity to take the easy way out rather than budget responsibly. Overheated rhetoric plays a big role here, often distracting from the real problem by tugging at the heartstrings....more

Tis The Season For Fiscal Responsibility

On Nov. 6, Americans made one of the most important decisions they are tasked with in our great country and chose President Barack Obama to serve another term, in addition to other candidates down-ballot. Now that the campaign is over, those leaders are faced with an extraordinarily important decision themselves: what to do about the looming fiscal cliff....more
Yes. It might happen after the fact, but there will be an agreement. A lot of leverage shifted ...more

$16 Trillion Debt Now Larger Than U.S. Economy: Dems, Please Discuss.

It's party time for the parties! Republicans wrapped up their nominating convention in Tampa last week and Democrats kick theirs off in Charlotte today. Drinks will flow, balloons will drop, and everyone will walk away charged up for the final two months of the campaign....more
I talked some on debt back in 2004, 2005, 2006... no one paid attention to it, didn't care. The ...more

The Shadow of Debt Looms Large at the RNC. Will Ryan Speak to It Tonight?

There are lots of signs and banners and party flair at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this week. But inside the Forum, there are two signs that loom largest -- and these signs are not the supportive, rah-rah homemade-poster kind....more
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