Deb Rox

As the Entertainment Section Editor at BlogHer I write, assign and promote posts that discuss movies, television, books and other related topics. I love how pop culture gives us a way to talk about and interpret the world around us. I'm a huge fan of comedy, watching movies on a big screen and livetweeting. Time zone differences make me sad.

My personal blog is Deb on the Rocks.  Additionally, I work as a social media communications and business strategist for small businesses, brands and bloggers.  My passions include digital innovation and cause/ issue marketing. I am the founder of Salon LGBTQ, serve as founding Board President of Violence UnSilenced, and work with projects including the Listen to Your Mother Show.  I love BlogHer conferences and am the co-host of the annual Queerosphere party at BlogHer's annual event. 

Review: Novel About the Self-Proclaimed First Mother of Blogging and Her "Famous Baby"

I stumbled upon Karen Rizzo's first novel Famous Baby through the Los Angeles Times Summer Book preview. ...more

"The View" Should Be Cancelled If They Cast Men As Hosts

Barbara Walters gave walking papers to Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy,  prompting speculation about who will be named as hosts for the next season of The View.   ...more
TerriLynnMerritts I understand that it's for women by women, but isn't that just reverse ...more

In Praise of Summer Stock and Shakespeare in the Park

I grew up in St. Louis, home of The Muny, one of the original summer stock theaters and the nation's oldest and largest outdoor theater. One of the major coups of my high school years, in addition to perfecting the perfect prop bag for participatory viewings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, was the discovery of the "free seating" block of tickets The Muny available . Free theater, outside under the stars! ...more

The Best Dads on Television This Year Are A Complicated Lot

I watched the latest episode of Louie last night, and it made me think about how many television shows this year are grappling with the father-daughter relationship. Don's relationship with Sally is the emotional heart of Mad Men, The Blacklist has dangled the "dad question" throughout, and Sheriff and Maggie are a fascinating center to Resurrection, to name a few. ...more
Great piece Deb!  I love #allthedads on Modern Family, from Phil, to Cam and Mitchell, to Jay ...more

What's Your 'Orange Is the New Black' Bingewatch Plan?

It's breaking my heart, but I haven't yet watched the second season of Orange Is the New Black which dropped at this morning. All 13 new episodes are out there taunting me from the Netflix server. Friends who assumed I would have started already have been blowing up my phone asking something about Lindsay Lohan or warning me not to spoil it for them. I can hear Regina Spektor singing the theme song in a brain loop like a siren song, luring me to log in and press "play." I've got Orange Fever, and I've got it bad.  ...more
One! Limiting myself to one a week. LOL...don't want to binge watch and then have to wait ...more

From Barney Stinton to Zoe Barnes And More TV Characters With Blogs

Television writers haven't always been kind to bloggers.  Cool, powerful, attractive and creative characters tend to get jobs like chef, architect (hey Mike Brady) or crisis fixer. Bloggers, on the other hand, have grown used to having our vocation mentioned along with some sort of "nerd in his mom's basement"  dig to serve as shorthand for powerless and nerdy. ...more
In the series Sherlock both Dr Watson and Sherlock have blogs. Watson's was suggested by his ...more

Madonna. Malkovich, Kimye and Other Celebrities I Don't Want to Face on a Jury

In unnecessary celebrity news, it seems that forever material girl Madonna ditched jury duty with a doctor's note only to reveal via Instagram that she's happily on holiday. I guess she needed just one day out of life (it would be so nice) and out of civic responsibility.  ...more
Britney Spears.  She may be a nice person, but she was placed under a conservatorship years ago ...more

How To Survive Maleficent and Angelina Jolie Overexposure

I'm worried about us. Maleficent isn't scheduled to release until May 30, but we are already suffering from early warning signs of severe Jolie Overexposure. It's going to get worse in our fair kingdom before it gets better, dear ones. What are we going to do to survive this? ...more
I want to see it and I want to see it with you, Deb Rox, because I know you will return my  ...more

Forget Every 'Mad Men' Conspiracy Theory You've Ever Read

Mad Men is just two episodes away from wrapping up this half-season, which is flying by faster than Pete Campbell's hair recedes. Fortunately Mad Men is the type of television show that stays with viewers long after they see an episode or season—giving us time to think about the characters, the overarching story of America, and our personal reactions to the themes. After all, Don Draper is nothing if not a construct that helps us look at our culture in general, our parents in context, and our own development in relationship to both. ...more
Rita Arens  I think about Peggy a lot. She looks so lonely.more

On Buying What Monica Lewinsky Is Selling

I didn't want to get sucked in when I heard that Monica Lewinsky was writing for Vanity Fair about her affair with President Bill Clinton. The aftermath of That Woman, including the Congressional impeachment process, was so distasteful and damaging that I really didn't want to revisit it through a Lewinsky lens. I'd like to hear what Hillary has yet to say about that time, yes. ...more
The nation (that includes me) was reading and snickering about this juicy sex scandal in the ...more