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I first wrote my ‘about page’ three years ago. Back then I was in love. Oh, how I was in love. It was the kind of love that made me forget that I was a lot of other things, too. Like a fundraiser with a fantastic job at the Colin Powell School at the City College of New York. Or that I own my own nonprofit consulting business. Or that I love to travel, have way too much energy for just one person and have the best daughter/best friend anyone could ask for, ever.  I’d even forgotten why I started writing in the first place. Or that I was inspired to launch Trois Coccinelles Publishing so that every writer who wants the chance to have someone say ‘this is possible if you really want it bad’ would have a place to rest their draft pages.

Three years is a long time to focus on one thing. I’m older now, slightly more wise and just learning that I’ve never taken the time to develop a hobby. So this space has to change and I am hoping that anyone who stops by will come with me as I set out to not only find a hobby, but to find out about all of the things I haven’t experienced yet but want to. Some of those things are probably dangerous. Maybe we should do those first.

Bubbles. Deux. The new home to the 40+ Year Old’s Guide to Everything. (Or, how I’ll find a hobby if it kills me)

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On Shooting Stars and Commitment…

It’s just about 99km from Addis Ababa to Adama. On the road to Adama you see so much. Caravans of oxen being herded along the shoulder of the highway ....more

Love, Ethiopia

All you need is love… Being in Ethiopia reminds me of something, and until this afternoon, I was trying to figure out what. Then, after realizing our new garden project is shaped in the form of a heart and having another stone heart pointed out to me when we arrived at our guest lodge, I understood what I had forgotten. You travel 17+ hours, brave lost luggage, exhaustion to the point of dropping, long days and even longer nights because of love ....more

Ethiopia, Day 1- A Forgotten Love

My writing partner, Huguenot O. Smith asked me if being back in Ethiopia was as wonderful as I remembered and I wasn’t sure. I’d just flown 24 hours across oceans and time zones and was pretty exhausted when I landed and wasn’t sure if maybe I was too tired to answer ....more

New York to Addis Ababa in 24 Hours

24 hours. That’s how long it’s taken me to get from New York to Addis Ababa with a short layover in Istanbul. And by layover I mean a mad dash through the terminals to find my gate because we arrived at the airport late from New York ....more

On Education…60 Years Later…

On Education. 60 Years Later… Because honestly, separate but equal doesn’t exist. I live in the southern part of Westchester County, New York ....more

What We’re Cooking Sundays…The Women’s History Month Edition

Plus a little Bundt to get the good times a’rollin. Yes, tonight was supposed to be the night of grilled tilapia and risotto but A talked me into burgers for lunch. Ok, I actually asked if she wanted burgers and she did ....more

The Price of Ignoring the World…

The longest week, almost ever, is over. It was a great week, just long, culminating in an 18 hour work day filled with events, meeting, amazing programs and dinner. First world problem, right? ...more

What We’re Cooking Sundays…The Monday Edition

There’s something to be said for procrastination and all of its glory. Our Sunday was postponed (not the actual date, I don’t have that much power), but the cooking part because I was: Tired from shoveling snow for two days straight Pooped from starting a bathroom redecoration that requires me to get down like Michelangelo Too lazy to move from the couch All of the above Yep, it was all of the above. But good things come to those who wait and here we are, feasting on a salmon dish I only made because I had too many beets from my recent Corbin Hills Farm pick-up and a bus-load of Brussels sprouts waiting to be oiled up and rolled around in sea salt ....more

What We’re Cooking Sundays…Give Me Cookies, or Give Me Death

Okay, not death. It’s just that we really, really love cookies. And I’ve found the perfect way for A not to eat all of the Oreos when I buy them: I don’t buy them anymore ....more

Gen. Colin L. Powell on Leadership…

I haven’t dedicated a lot of space on this blog to video, even though I keep threatening to begin making my own and document the entire “What We’re Cooking Sundays” extravaganza that is, well, each Sunday. I also haven’t spent a lot of time writing about work in this space. I’ve never tried to separate my blog from my life because they are one in the same ....more