Ascending a Ladder to Heaven

Which comes first — spiritual blessings or the fiery furnace? ...more

Adventure Time

My son is a big fan of the animated series, Adventure Time, so we had to make a BMO birthday cake. That’s the name of one of the characters that is a living video game console. The main character is Finn, the human ....more

Shifty Science Labs

I was a science major in college–biochemsitry to be exact....more

What can you discuss in church?

I was fired once from my calling as a Relief Society teacher. ...more

Homeschool second grade curriculum

I don’t think I learned anything when I was in second grade. My teacher’s name was Miss Terramina – ...more

The wintry doctrines

I bought the audio version of Visions of Glory and gifted it to a few friends through Audible. I always try to be selective in who might be receptive. ...more

Hugh Nibley — the law of free agency

Hugh Nibley — free agency in his very blunt direct way: This law of free agency and total individual responsibility has one great drawback: it requires that every member seeking to be properly led so live as if he or she was the Pres. – for each one is just as eligible (and therefore responsible) for receiving revelations as he [...] The post Hugh Nibley — the law of free agency appeared first on Eve Out of the Garden ....more

The Big No Sleep

Motherhood is rewarding and exhausting. Some nights I would fall into bed and not even care that I was sleeping on the bare mattress — the mattress bare not me. My unfolded, clean sheets would be on the foot of the bed, where I dumped them from the dryer ....more

Benefits of a three day fast

A three-day fast is my favorite. And now, researchers have found that a three-day fast reboots your immune system. I love this ....more

The Doctrine of Christ

I’ve always been curious about the “return and report” methodology. In the temple, it’s obvious there’s a chain of responsibilities — from God the Father to Jehovah to Peter, James, and John to Adam. In fact, I ‘ve noticed that Adam and Eve pray for messengers from God after they have been banned from the garden ....more