Frequencies, vibrations, unbelief, and oh it is wonderful

I woke up this morning, too early to get up, and chose to listen to an audio book — ...more

What To Do on Good Friday

You know how I wish we, Mormons had more hoopla with our holidays, like the Jewish faith with Passover and the Catholics, etc. with Holy Week. They enjoy week-long celebrations ....more

Angels in my hair

I went to see a woman who says she sees angels all the time. She is not of my religion, but I have read her book, and I believe angel viewing is not restricted to one religion. She began seeing angels when she was just a little girl, in Dublin, Ireland ....more

Homemade Granola

Homemade granola is superior to any of the store-bought products. And it’s easy to make....more

Girls P.E. in the 60′s — Shared Showers

Girl’s P.E. in the 60′s was kind of like the military. We had a uniform, we had to shower, and we had to line-up naked before the teacher handed you...more

I Feel as Easy as an Old Shoe

I’m not going to complain or whine, I’m going to focus on everything good in my life. Sure, I have some things that cause me angst and concern — so do you. But I’m going to follow the advice of John Taylor and feel...more

LDS Apostles and their wives

I’m not one of the ...more

Changing Education Paradigms

I like to say that I’m an education rebel. It’s not just about homeschool either, though I chose to homeschool three of my five kids. I tried public school, and I saw some good things and not so good things ....more

Easy way to reduce your cortisol levels

At first I felt a little silly doing this, but it really works. I got the idea from a legitimate study and TED talk. Harvard Professor, Amy Cuddy shares her research that shows “your body language shapes who you are” — take a pose for only 2 minutes and change your life for the better ....more

The fountains of the deep

After reading Visions of Glory, I researched some of the geological possibilities ...more