Delaine Moore

Delaine Moore is an author, journalist, speaker, NLP Therapist, and Mars Venus Divorce & Life Coach based in Calgary, Alberta.  Her memoir, The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom (Seal Press, 2012) is soon to be a Lifetime Movie (2014) starring Ashley Jones.   Delaine is also Canada's leading authority on smashing through gender-based barriers and closing more sales.

As president and CEO of her own coaching business, I Am Divorced Not Dead, Delaine coaches individuals and groups on how to successfully shed their married skin, date with confidence, and pursue passion and success in all areas of their lives. She is a masterful mentor when it comes to blasting through your self-told lies and excuses, unlocking the secrets of dating success and understanding the opposite sex, excavating your dormant passions, and fueling them with courage, confidence, and clarity.

The former COO and Executive Editor of Divorced Women Online, Delaine’s expert articles have appeared on The Huffington Post, MSN's GLO, First Wives World and The New York Time’s Her essay, “Less Than a Bump and a Grind,” won the Readers’ Choice Award in’s essay competition on the topic of men, and she recently appeared on CareOne's Financially Fit TV, Calgary Breakfast Show, and Sirius Satellite's, Cosmo Radio.

6 Tricks to Get Bloggers TV-Ready

I've no doubt that many of you reading this get nervous, as do I, before going on TV or radio.  So I want to share a few things I learned to help me get a grip on my nerves before I went on this show. I really do think they helped. ...more

Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom: My Book Is Being Filmed By Lifetime

I just flew back from Ottawa where I was on the set of a movie being made about my life.    That's right - a movie.   And it's about me, little ol' me -- a former stay-at-home mom, whose entire world was so pulverized by divorce and infidelity six years ago she could barely even drag herself out of bed. ...more
RebeccaRaige Thanks Rebecca...feeling like a libertine for the first time ever: )more

What's It REALLY Like to Have An Affair?

It was my deepest, darkest secret – something that nourished me, tortured me, yet ultimately tore my family apart:  After seven years of marriage, the birth of three kids, and weathering the emotional storm of my husband’s infidelity, I made the choice to have an affair....more

How and Why You Should Hold A Book Signing (even if it's your first book!)

I wasn't going to hold a book signing.  Almost everything I read by other authors about book signings was discouraging, especially for first-time authors such as myself.  Even one of my closest friends, who is a bestselling Canadian author, said, "I didn't have the guts to hold one -- I was too worried no one would show up and I'd look like a loser." ...more

Too "Uncomfortable" For Married Women?

A month ago, a local book club contacted me to say that they'd chosen my just-released memoir, The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom, as their April pick.  So great was their enthusiasm that they also asked if I might attend their meeting in person.  I agreed wholeheartedly -- discussing my book's core messages around sexual and personal awakenings would be a huge honor for ME.But out of the blue came yesterday's phone call:...more
Delaine Moore   I have just come across you and your stories and am delighted. Delighted by your ...more

The Lure of BDSM & D/s: Women's "Shades of Grey"

Today, as women everywhere breathe heavy over "50 Shades of Grey", an erotic novel complete with role-playing and BDSM, I actually find myself breathing a little easier.  Beause it's something I experienced in real life after I got divorced.  I also chose to tell the world about it in my memoir (gulp).  And at the back of my mind I've always worried, "Is everyone going to think I'm a freak for this?"(Smile) Maybe not....more

VIDEO: My Book Publishing Journey With Seal Press

Back when I was looking for a traditional publisher for my memoir, I spent hours surfing the net, trying to find articles/videos by authors who were sharing their journeys through the  publishing process. I wanted to understand what was involved in the process (if/when I ever got a book deal) and I was hanging on tight to my hope. Surprisingly, my search results came up very short.  Most articles were focused on the traditional verses self-publishing debate, or how to get an agent.  I also discovered that ...more

Apparently He Doesn't "Believe in Monogamy"...

I recently went out on a first date with a stylish, charming man of French (Quebecois) descent. And when our conversation moved into that of relationships (which it inevitably does with me) he suddenly caught me off guard by stating : “I believe in commitment…but not monogamy.”...more
I also could not date someone knowing that he might have come to me tonight from another woman's ...more

This Cheating Husband Messed With The Wrong Woman: ME!

 So this is a live, personal photo posted here today folks.  That lady with the long hair and the rhineston...more
That took a lot of courage. I hope she makes out alright. more

Dating Older Men: What's TOO Old to You?

Any article that deals with age can be a sensitive one - but today, though I'm writing this in delicate tone, I'd like to ask wom...more

Since I was in my twenties, I've regularly been with partners 8 - 13 years older than I was. ...more