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As the Community Manager, I have the most awesome job in the entire world.

I get to wander around the internets and read YOUR blog and talk to you all day on Chatter, Twitter and Facebook. I answer a lot of email, too. (You can always reach me at if you have BlogHer related questions, though asking on Chatter is often a wee bit quicker.)

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My partner and I live in the Chicagoland suburbs (which is not the most awesome place in the world to live) with three four three two of our six kids. (The other four are all grown up and living on their own.) My grandson, Johnny Mac Pippin, was born on May 15th and lives in Hawaii, which is too darn far away. My partner's mom (and her little dog too) lives with us as well.

We have a very loud cockatiel who we're hoping will move out when the middle child goes to college, a Treeing Walker Coonhound/Poodle mix puppy, a Coonhound/Weimareiner puppy and a Redbone/Collie puppe. Yes, three puppies. And, we have three two three prairie dogs. Yes, prairie dogs. You can follow their exploits at Prairie Dog Digest.

I read a lot, but not as much as my partner does, and the only TV I watch is Survivor and Bunheads The Crazy Ones. Now if Buffy or Gilmore Girls returned to TV....

Amazon Prime for $99: Still Worth It?

I've had an Amazon Prime membership for... forever, and I love it. I even blogged last November about how much I love it but when I heard a rumor that they were going to almost double the price -- I balked. I was pretty sure I was going to cancel. Thankfully, when Amazon announced the price increase, it was only a $20 increase to $99 a year. That's not so bad but I'm still wondering... is it worth it?...more
I order from them constantly--who's got time to run around to stores constantly? I think I'll ...more

I Found a Blank Check: Tell Me What To Do with It!

I check out dozens of library books every week. Fiction, non-fiction, children's books, large print, YA—you name it, I check it out. And, every week I find something new and interesting tucked in between the pages of at least one library book. It's usually things like receipts from restaurants, or an old junk mail envelope with notes or phone numbers or odd math problems on it....more
When I found an abandoned credit card in an ATM I brought it to the bank it belong to and told ...more

March Reading Recommendations: Five Books Written By Women

I only read 20 books in Feburary, which is not as many as I read in January but was still a pretty good number, all things considered. ...more
Denise Barbarahughes  Thanks, Denise. I hope you find it informative and helpful.more

Why Can't Rice Krispies Treats Be NORMAL?

My friend Sean did a great job of writing about food blog trends that should stop -- but he left something out that's really been bothering me lately. Why in the heck do we need designer Rice Krispies treats? Why can't we just eat plain old-fashioned Rice Krispies treats the way God or whoever invented them intended? ...more
Exactly! - Denisemore

Book Review: It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens by danah boyd

I started reading danah boyd's blog in 2005, after seeing she was an attendee at the very first BlogHer conference, 10 years ago. I met danah in person, at BlogHer '06 when she moderated my very first BlogHer panel, Outreach Blogging is not for the faint-hearted. She was more amazing in person than she was on her blog -- which is saying a lot, because she had an amazing blog....more
CherylRickKlein Hah. Do they get into Twitter fights with the Beliebers and Little Monsters and ...more

10 Books I Think You Should Read Right Now

I am an avid reader, for lack of a better phrase. I read 240 books in 2013. My goal for 2014 is 300, though that's definitely a stretch goal for me. I read 25 books in January of this year. I read all genres. I read new books. Old books. Self-published books. I follow series. I listen to audiobooks. I buy books. I have books sent to me as gifts. I occasionally receive books from publishers for reviews, (though I rarely accept them because I hate feeling like I am obligated to review them), but most of my books come from my library. I have a great library. ...more
Hello, I am new to this blog, its really cool. I am a published author and want to put my books ...more

Clean Up Your Computer Day

A lot of people I know are doing some de-cluttering and organizing this month, whether they've made resolutions to do so or not. The new year is just one of those times when people have the urge to DO things, CLEAN things, and ORGANIZE things. While you're in the mood to tidy up, take an hour or two and clean up your computer. You might even want to do it today since it's "Clean Out Your Computer Day". Here are some tips to help you get started....more
I clean my cache and history regularly. I always run scandisk. It really cleans the files from ...more

7 Fun and Simple Washi Tape Crafts I Want to Make

I've become something of a washi tape addict. I don't want to tell you how many rolls I have or how many different storage containers are filled with it. Let's just say I have a lot but not as much as some people I know. ...more
greyskysaturday  My planner doesn't look as nice as other people's either but I don't care, I ...more

The 10 Best Pens, According to Our Facebook Community

When researching my post about planners and organizers last month, the conversation with my co-workers turned away from paper and toward pens. Some of us had some very strong feelings about pens and others did not. ...more
bluenotebacker I have to go to Staples this weekend, I'll check it out, Thanks!more

Are You Setting Reading or Writing Goals in 2014? These Reading and Writing Challenges Can Help.

January 1 is always my favorite blogging day of the year. My blog feels all shiny and new and ready to write all of the things. That feeling doesn't generally lost very long but I am able to meet some of my goals because of the reading and writing challenges I choose every year. ...more
VernetteOutLoud You created a monster!! I set up my (several) challenges - all on GR for ...more