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As the Community Manager, I have the most awesome job in the entire world.

I get to wander around the internets and read YOUR blog and talk to you all day on Chatter, Twitter and Facebook. I answer a lot of email, too. (You can always reach me at if you have BlogHer related questions, though asking on Chatter is often a wee bit quicker.)

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My partner and I live in the Chicagoland suburbs (which is not the most awesome place in the world to live) with three four three two of our six kids. (The other four are all grown up and living on their own.) My grandson, Johnny Mac Pippin, was born on May 15th and lives in Hawaii, which is too darn far away. My partner's mom (and her little dog too) lives with us as well.

We have a very loud cockatiel who we're hoping will move out when the middle child goes to college, a Treeing Walker Coonhound/Poodle mix puppy, a Coonhound/Weimareiner puppy and a Redbone/Collie puppe. Yes, three puppies. And, we have three two three prairie dogs. Yes, prairie dogs. You can follow their exploits at Prairie Dog Digest.

I read a lot, but not as much as my partner does, and the only TV I watch is Survivor and Bunheads The Crazy Ones. Now if Buffy or Gilmore Girls returned to TV....

I'm Speaking at BlogHer Food '14 in Miami!

Celebrate Summer With These 15 Watermelon Recipes

'Tis the season for watermelon, which means it's also the season for posts about watermelons, photos of adorable kids with faces covered in watermelon stickyness, and recipes using watermelon. Yippee for watermelon! Except this year, I was getting the feeling that there might be more watermelon posts than usual—and that watermelon cakes are super-duper hot this year. I thought it was my imagination, but then a co-worker posted a link to a watermelon cake, which led to discussions about watermelon and a ton of Pinterest board surfing. Rather than sit on all of these great watermelon recipes, I figured I'd toss them into a post so you can add some really great recipes to your collection and maybe serve a dish or two that everyone raves about. ...more
You're so right about grilled watermelon--why didn't I think of it before? Thanks for doing a ...more

Celebrating Pride Month With 11 LGBT Blogs to Follow This Week

We're celebrating Pride Month by sharing of our favorite LGBT blogs (and bloggers.) Check them out and share your favorites in the comments below....more
Thanks, Denise! I'm honored. What a great list of blogs to be a part of!more

My Review of the Fuji Instax Share SP-1 Printer -- I Don't Love It But I Like It for Art Journal Projects

Right about the time I was trying to talk myself out of buying the Fuji Instax Mini camera, I noticed someone talking about the Fuji Instax Share Printer and decided that was a cute little toy I'd like to have....more

Celebrating Friday the 13th with My Favorite Stephen King Books and Movies

I need to call my dad. Not just because Father's Day is this weekend but also because I need to know if he's read Joyland and if he bought Mr. Mercedes. My father and I share a strong appreciation for Stephen King novels and movies. A very strong appreciation. ...more
TheBlackTortoise I agree that The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is highly under-appreciated. That ...more

Squeaky Shoes: Yes I Am THE Best Grandmother In the Entire WORLD

When I saw #Eve with her nifty squeaky shoes I knew JMP was going to need some. Fast. Only one problem, I wasn't sure what size shoe he was wearing and it was like 4am in HAWAII so ... I just guessed. And I ordered THREE PAIRS in three different sizes. Because yea, I'm crazy like that....more
Julie Ross Godar lolmore

Two of My Favorite Things: Bullet Journaling and Some Lines a Day Journaling

Over the last few months, I've talked to dozens of people about journals and planners. Quite a few of those people have ordered planners or journals and are giving it a try. For those who are still on the fence, or those who haven't quite found their favorite journaling methods, here are a couple of techniques to try: Some Lines a Day and Bullet Journaling. ...more
Denise Rita Arens  I actually date them (each one takes about a quarter to fill) and keep them ...more

Celebrating Your Birthday on Facebook Is Awesome and Frustrating

Complain all you want about Facebook but you cannot deny it - - There's really nothing better than celebrating your birthday on Facebook! It's hard not to smile as you watch all of those birthday messages roll in. You certainly don't get that kind of feel-good experience from Twitter or Pinterest. ...more
I am firmly in the say thank you to everyone camp until it gets old, and then I start liking. ...more

Amazon Prime for $99: Still Worth It?

I've had an Amazon Prime membership for... forever, and I love it. I even blogged last November about how much I love it but when I heard a rumor that they were going to almost double the price -- I balked. I was pretty sure I was going to cancel. Thankfully, when Amazon announced the price increase, it was only a $20 increase to $99 a year. That's not so bad but I'm still wondering... is it worth it?...more
sdwyatt It's student -- unfortunately, we aren't all students. ;-)more

I Found a Blank Check: Tell Me What To Do with It!

I check out dozens of library books every week. Fiction, non-fiction, children's books, large print, YA—you name it, I check it out. And, every week I find something new and interesting tucked in between the pages of at least one library book. It's usually things like receipts from restaurants, or an old junk mail envelope with notes or phone numbers or odd math problems on it....more
When I found an abandoned credit card in an ATM I brought it to the bank it belong to and told ...more

March Reading Recommendations: Five Books Written By Women

I only read 20 books in Feburary, which is not as many as I read in January but was still a pretty good number, all things considered. ...more
Beth Bartlett Yay! Come back and let me know how you feel about Cherie's books.more