The Any.Do App Helped Me Get Things Done, Sort Of

I'm back after a month of using the Any.Do app to try and help me get things done. Not every day things but things I never make time to do because I'm addicted to work. So did it help? Yes, it did. Sort of. For awhile. ...more
what happens if you ignore the reminder?more

Can the Any.DO iPhone App Help Me Get Things Done?

I love lists. I make lists every day. I sometimes make multiple lists in a day. I edit my lists, not just to cross things off but also to move things around on them or to re-prioritize them. I cleaned out my Evernote last week and I found a ton of old lists. I found empty note holders that used to contain lists of things that I had actually completed but inadvertently left the empty Evernote item. I created the BlogHer group List Lovers Unite because sometimes I feel like I'm the only one, (I'm not), who loves lists. I share a monthly To Do list in that group and whether I ever finish the things on it or not, I feel good about the community that's built around those monthly lists. But, I really would like to do more of the things so I'm also always on the look out for new apps or list organizing tools that will inspire me to get things done. Enter Any.DO....more Hey, SweetBird, come on over to my side of the room, we'll sit together and ...more

Oreo Separator Machine: Creme or Cookie?

I love his Oreo Separator but I have to confess, I don't like either one all by itself. I like the Oreo because it has both cookie and creme. ...more
He has no idea what cold is! Portland is wet and chilly but frigid? HA!  warning: ear ...more

Dog DNA Test: Our Beagle-Hound Is a Poodle

When I finally caved and agreed TW and Elly could have a dog for their birthday last year what it really meant was they could have a dog that I liked as much, if not more, than they did and I have a thing for beagles. So while I might have agreed to another dog, (and I would have), I was leaning heavily toward something that was "beagle-like" -- and that's how we ended up with Skeeter Bess....more
@elaineR.N.  lol it's not obnoxious at all. :-)more

Fifty Shades of Grey... Oops!

Months and months ago, when the world started buzzing about 50 Shades of Grey, Sassymonkey said to me, "I sure hope some mom doesn't get confused and buy Fifty Shades of Grey for her kid, thinking it's Between Shades of Gray." I laughed and said I ...more
@Roxana_the_Aviddiva  No apologies necessary. ;-)more

Confused by Facebook? Try Facebook All-In-One For Dummies

For years, I've been sending folks who want to learn how to blog to Melanie Nelson's Blogging Basics 101 blog. When people have questions about Typepad in particular, I send people to Melanie's (and Shannon's) book, Typepad for Dummies. Now, when people ask me questions about Facebook, I'm sending them to Melanie's book, Facebook All-In-One for Dummies -- it's a great resource, for those just learning the ropes and for hardcore users like myself. ...more
hey, just thought I'd let you know about this great Starbucks offer. Hope I got to you in time ...more

I'm Going to Make Cheese Puffs!

Why don't we ever have cheese puffs? It makes no sense because we all love them. Oh wait, I know why we don't have them -- because not enough restaurants offer them. We certainly haven't made them ourselves. I've never even considered it. Silly since Hilah says I can totally do this. ...more
My children love cheese puffs, and they are rather easy to make, too. And when I've made them ...more

Peppermint Bark: Great Recipe for Kids

Do any of you have The Mother's Almanac? Is it a new version or an old one? My version provides age level advice for various activities and stages by using phrases like "great for a four" or "perfect for a two", it was a nice book way back in the old days when I was a mom of young children. It has a recipe for Butterscotch Crunch that's a lot like a bark, so phrases like "great for a three" and "only a six" run through my head any time I see a bark recipe like this one. ...more
How did I miss this post from December!!!  Gonna make this this weekend.more

Spoiled Puppy!

People are so nice. Well not all people but BlogHer people are definitely nice. People like Texasebeth are super, super nice. They send puppy presents and Skeeter Bess particularly approves of that kind of nice....more
So cute! @texasebeth has great taste!more

7 Shopping Tips To Help You Give More and Spend Less

Right about the time I started thinking about what our holiday budget might be, we had a little problem with a missing contractor check, and TW went into the hospital for a week. Oops. There went the idea that we could a) pay off our credit cards b) spend a good bit on gifts for all of the kids, and Johnny Mac Pippin c) start saving for a trip to Hawaii to see Johnny Mac Pippin d) get TW's tax bills paid. Something had to give, a lot of somethings -- but the holiday budget took the first hit....more