Doing My Holiday Shopping at the Stores of Some of My Favorite Bloggers

One of my favorite parts of holiday shopping is buying gifts from the the online stores of some of my favorite bloggers. Here are some of my favorites: ...more
One of my favorites is Alma's shop - handmade crochet and wood items ...more

For the Love of Science, Don't Turn Off Comments

To say I had a strong negative reaction to the news that Popular Science is shutting off comments is an understatement. It makes me sad. It frustrates me. It pisses me the heck off. ...more
There are blogs whereby I have commented and the comments have posted but now it seems as if ...more

POLL: Road Trips Make the Best Vacations (or Do They?)

I'm a big fan of the road trip vacation, and not just because I've never been in a place to afford to take my whole family (six kids!) on a vacation that included air travel. Heck, I'm lucky if I can afford a plane trip for two or three or four of us....more
I was a confirmed road tripper - until I met the high-speed FrecciaRossa: 200miles in 3 hours, ...more

OMG Johnny Mac Pippin Is One Year Old: Smash Cake Time!

One year ago today I had the honor of watching my first grandchild, Johnny Mac Pippin, arrive. It was the most awesome day -- ever. I highly recommend this whole grandparent gig. It's fabulous. Every day or so I get new photos or videos of Johnny Mac Pippin looking adorable. (Thank goodness for unlimited text and data!) Every day or so I get to listen to my daughter talk about motherhood and marvel over the amazingness of her son....more
@davenportdiy  cool! Be sure to take (and share!) photos.more

Journaling 'The Pocket Scavenger,' a Gamified 'Wreck This Journal'

I met Keri Smith at BlogHer '07 and I bought a copy of Wreck This Journal for Michelle, (who also attended BlogHer '07), because I thought Keri was pretty brilliant and I was fascinated with the idea of Wreck This Journal. That was also right about the time that I started thinking about altered books and art journaling, none of which Michelle ended up being interested in. So sad, I wasted that book. I should have bought it for myself!...more
@Karen Ballum  Oh good, more peoples to journal-stalk!more

Naming the Dog: What's Your Method?

I have named, or helped name, a lot of dogs and my life and I've never considered any of the things suggested in The Art of Naming a Dog. I'm a little surprised they didn't mention things like Scrabble name scores because they've covered pretty much every other naming issue possible. Sheesh, how silly. ...more
We have a dog and a cat. We adopted our cat with name in tow, Her name is Baby. It suited her ...more

Eight Evil #Earworms: Click At Your Own Risk and Pass Them On

The internet is a very dangerous place. You're just wandering around, minding your own business, trying to get some work done, and -- BAM! Someone tweets a link, you click, and OMG! #Earworm!...more
@melinna See? What is it about great minds and same gutters?   Jo-leeeeen-een-eeen Get yur nasty ...more

The Any.Do App Helped Me Get Things Done, Sort Of

I'm back after a month of using the Any.Do app to try and help me get things done. Not every day things but things I never make time to do because I'm addicted to work. So did it help? Yes, it did. Sort of. For awhile. ...more
what happens if you ignore the reminder?more

Can the Any.DO iPhone App Help Me Get Things Done?

I love lists. I make lists every day. I sometimes make multiple lists in a day. I edit my lists, not just to cross things off but also to move things around on them or to re-prioritize them. I cleaned out my Evernote last week and I found a ton of old lists. I found empty note holders that used to contain lists of things that I had actually completed but inadvertently left the empty Evernote item. I created the BlogHer group List Lovers Unite because sometimes I feel like I'm the only one, (I'm not), who loves lists. I share a monthly To Do list in that group and whether I ever finish the things on it or not, I feel good about the community that's built around those monthly lists. But, I really would like to do more of the things so I'm also always on the look out for new apps or list organizing tools that will inspire me to get things done. Enter Any.DO....more Hey, SweetBird, come on over to my side of the room, we'll sit together and ...more

Oreo Separator Machine: Creme or Cookie?

I love his Oreo Separator but I have to confess, I don't like either one all by itself. I like the Oreo because it has both cookie and creme. ...more
He has no idea what cold is! Portland is wet and chilly but frigid? HA!  warning: ear ...more