Seconds Like These

DesiValentine4's post, Next Year, made me think about this song... so I thought I'd share it. ~Denise BlogHer Community Manager Life. Flow. Fluctuate. ...more
I'd never heard of her, or the song, but I really like it. @Denisemore

Tired of Hearing "Romney is the One" - We Haven't Voted Yet

[Editor's Note: The headmistress of The Common Room shares her thoughts on the GOP debate in Las Vegas. Did Perry perform better? Is Romney "The One"? - Denise] ...more
Romney is the 'good ole boy' GOP pick so that's it, that's who we women are suppose to vote for. ...more

Great Ideas for Extreme Couponers

I've been extreme couponing for 10 months -- 10 months! Can you believe that? In some ways it feels like yesterday, still new and a little overwhelming at times. In other ways, it seems like we've always shopped this way, because it's second nature to spot great stockpiling deals and pass on other deals that aren't really deals at all. What's really interesting is that after almost a year of shopping this way, I can still get excited about new ideas and new tools for extreme couponing. ...more
A friend's daughter's Girl Scout troop did this one day for a service project. They keep the ...more

I Am a Mormon and a Christian

[Editor's Note: Governor Rick Perry is an evangelical Christian. Mitt Romney is Mormon. Rev. Dr. Jeffress backs Perry because of his standing as a Christian, which is all well and good -- except that he calls Mormonism a cult and suggests that Mormons are not Christians. Tina from Little Tots/Big Ideas sets him straight....more
You should research the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a little more closely. Talk ...more

Extreme Couponing and the Understocked Stockpile

I am dependent upon lists to keep me moving and help me get things done. I have daily lists, work related lists, book lists, and monthly lists, and I share these monthly lists every month in the BlogHer List Lovers group. If you click a few of the monthly lists, you'll notice that for the last several months I've had things like "clean the cold room" or "reorganize the stockpile room" on those lists and they haven't been crossed off. Yea, it's been a rough year. ...more
@MonCherieMe Now you've got me wondering about various "rules" for sales. I need to think more ...more

Should Republicans Support the #Occupy Movement?

Occupy Wall Street protesters are heading uptown to pay a visit to some of the wealthiest families in New York (not to mention the United States) while Eric Cantor (R) calls the protesters a growing mob. Karen from Pondering Penguin thinks the GOP should support the Occupy movement - do you agree with her? ...more
@BlogHer i sure hope not. Republicans and their policies since #reaganomics created the problem.more

Sometimes the Emergency Room is Your Only Option

The next time you're in the ER for an emergency and wondering why so many people are there for non-emergency visits, think about The Radula. She doesn't choose the ER, sometimes she doesn't have a choice. - Denise] The truth is that all those people aren't sitting in the ER because they are bleeding the system... some of us are there because our doctors (as assigned by our insurance) can't fit us in to the their schedules....more
This is why I am so greatful to live in Canada!more

RIP: Steve Jobs, Visionary Leader and Lisen's Neighbor

Apple has announced the death of Steve Jobs and though this was not unexpected, many of us are reeling from the news. None more so than those who lived in his neighborhood, like BlogHer Contributing Editor Lisen Stromberg...more
In your attempt to honor Steve Jobs - the unfortunate reality is you're capitalizing on his ...more

700 Arrested at #Occupy Wall Street - Firsthand Account

Occupy Wall Street began as a small protest but has grown to include multiple cities and thousands of protesters with 700 being arrested in NYC over the weekend.Read Ava Lowrey's firsthand account of her arrest....more
Anything that gets people to pay attention to whats going on is helpful. So few people even vote ...more

Will You Be Watching Season 2 of TLC's Extreme Couponing?

Yippee, it's back! Season Two of TLC's Extreme Couponing is back and it's as extreme as ever ... maybe even more extreme than ever, based on this clip from the first episode airing on September 28 at 10pm ET. ...more
I enjoy the show, as long as the extreme couponers donate to food pantries...and use coupons the ...more