Stephanie W

DesignByTess is currently a one woman show - hello, I'm Tess.  My real name is Stephanie but when my parents brought me home from the hospital my not-quite-two year old sister called me "Tessanini" instead.  For the first couple years of my life, my two older sisters called me Tess and my parents called me Nini ((knee-knee)) - - when I was not in trouble, that is :0)

I have three sisters, one niece, an adorable husband, and a love of colour, books, and coffee.  Recently I moved across Wisconsin and in with The Hubby.  DesignByTess is my way of finding calm and creativity in a flurry of unpacking, repainting, sanding, and learning to cook.  I have an etsy shop - - and most of what will be on this blog will be on either my shop or my facebook page, or hopefully both!!

I love photography and am constantly trying to get better/challenge myself.  One of the ways i'm doing this is the 365 challenge - aka take a self portrait every day. for a year. jeez i run out of ideas quick! Maybe sometimes they'll show up here.... you never know!  I'm addicted to coffee and metal music, i love singing, tattoos, and dimples.  My hair used to changed once a month, but i've kind of sort of stopped with that.  Sometimes.  We'll see.  I get bored way too easily and love the smell of rain.

Make sure you keep coming back to check out tutorials, new items, adventures, and whatever other random ideas I come up with!

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