Destany Pingle

I'm mother to an intelligent, hilarious and stubborn 9-yr-old boy. I love nail polish, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, My Chemical Romance and books.

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Is One Child Enough? Thoughts on Pregnancy After a Traumatic Birth

Most days, when I look into Jax's bright blue eyes, I feel like our family is complete. Some days, when I watch him gaze out the window searching for new friends, I'm sad that he doesn't have a little brother or sister to keep him company. Jax is thinking: But I want to go sledding with a sibling, not my mom and dad! ...more
I never wanted my son to be an only child. I didn't have a NICU adventure with him (I was ...more

Community School Supplies? Absolutely NOT!

 And so, here we are with school about to start up again – hey, if you live in southern Indiana, many of our schools started up last week!This is the time of year I like to re-run my post about community school supplies and how they are of the devil.  Yes.  Satan himself thought up this concept.  Here we go:=====...more
wow. I live in Southern Indiana (not far from you apparently), and I've never had any experience ...more