Home Preservation Safety

[Editor's Note: Today, BlogHer kicks off a series on The Practice of Preserving, a monthly examination of how to can and preserve your locally-grown or -bought food at home. Today, Diana Prichard addresses some of the important safety considerations required for healthy preservation, and in future months, she'll talk about everything from what to do with all those tomatoes that ripen at once to how to can meat when you have a surplus. --Genie]...more

Are There GMOs in Your Backyard Garden?

As more families begin growing their own food, fears over genetically modified organisms making their way into backyard gardens mount. Some seed companies have based entire marketing campaigns on -- and even business structures around -- providing a GMO-free product while others have remained eerily silent. Meanwhile, consumers are paying premiums for reassurance on a topic they don't understand....more
Good to know ... thanks for the reassurance!more

Local Food Trends: Bucking Stereotypes

Last summer, during a farm tour, one of our guests, a pre-teen boy, started talking about how great our breakfast must be. He waxed poetic about the bacon, eggs, sausage, and toast we must eat at the crack of dawn every morning....more
@Polish Mama on the Prairie Have you checked out localharvest.org? It's a really good site that ...more

Gardening by the Numbers

I'll never forget my first garden.  It was a behemoth thing; seventy-five-hundred square feet of hard clay and encroaching weeds.  I watched with much trepedation as my husband tilled the ground that spring.  I was convinced it was going to be an epic undertaking.  And it was.  I learned an important lesson that year: start small and work your way up.  ...more
What better way to spend a winter day browsing through seed catalogs with a cup of coffee. I ...more

Food Prices & Hunger: Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You?

I went grocery shopping the other day and came home with an empty wallet (despite growing much of our food ourselves, I might add) to read that, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, November marked the fifth month in a row during which world food prices fell. At first I was compelled to shout obscenities at the liars behind my screen, but then I noticed even they admit the statistic is misleading....more
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Slow Food’s $5 Challenge: Out of Touch with Average Americans?

According to a recent New York Times article, more Americans are growing gardens not necessarily because they enjoy toiling in the dirt, weeds and sun, but because they can no longer afford not to. As prices continue to rise—and package sizes shrink—at the grocery store, some, especially in rural areas, are turning to the ways of their ancestors to fill their pantries and freezers. ...more
@Diana But, there is a lot that CAN be done. For example, buying from the farmers directly is ...more

GOP Says Feed Kids Cheap, Not Healthy at School

In the midst of looming budget battles and unprecedented national debt, no measure is off-limits in Conservatives’ quest for cost-cutting. The GOP-controlled House Appropriations Committee has urged the USDA to show restraint in the implementation of new guidelines for the National School Lunch Program....more
Good article. If schools were smart they would utilize locally grown food and school garden ...more

Victory Gardens: Now a Misdemeanor

When it comes to landscaping it may seem what's good enough for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue should be good enough for the working class neighborhoods of America, but Oak Park, a Detroit-area community in Michigan, disagrees.Students from local schools help Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, and First Lady Michelle Obama, plant the 2011 White House Kitchen Garden. ...more

What The Food Safety Modernization Act Means

Previously thought to be dead in the water due to a technical snag, S. 510 -- also known as the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act -- was unexpectedly revived and passed unanimously in the Senate Monday. It's slated for a House vote next, where it's expected to pass, and will then head to President Obama's desk, where he's already promised he would sign it into law. ...more

Full-Conference or Student Pass Needed

I'm looking for a full-conference pass. I was putting off registering until my husband got back to work after an injury, because we weren't sure how long he'd be not working and missed the announcement that tickets were running low - and then that they sold out. And now I'm kicking myself.  I'm a student so can take either a student or regular full-conference pass if one comes available.        ...more