I've spent many years in retail merchandising and managing for Macy's and Paragon Sporting Goods in NYC, where I honed my space saving and organizational skills. When I left the city and moved an hour outside of it I learned a lot about healthy cooking as a buyer for a health food store. I am Italian-American and I have always cooked the Mediterranean way.

Back in 1990, I became committed to Simple Living when I opened one of the first environmentally friendly stores in the country. When I suffered “retail burn out” I went back to school and got a graduate degree and became a high school English teacher. My goal now is to synthesize what I've learned from my experience in these seemingly diverse fields into a practical advice blog that will simplify your life.

A Tribute to My Mother's Strength

 Mom just out of nursing school.   ...more

How to Support Someone who is Ill?

  I was just a sponsor for a local cancer research fundraiser this weekend and it got me thinking about how best to help a person out who ...more

Join Food Bloggers Against Hunger

  1 in 6 people in America face hunger....more

Metta Prayer Day

Happy First Day of Spring. Today is Metta Prayer Day. I was introduced to these prayers from friends in Newtown, Ct. The message of Metta Prayers have appeal to people of all different faiths. Say this prayer today....more

Making Maple Syrup

Balch Maple Syrup...more
Fabulous! I've always wanted to do this.more

Simple Living in Practice: It's Maple Sugarin' Time!

The nights are still getting down to freezing here in Northern Westchester NY, but the days can get up into the 40's. Last week was the first week that the temperatures rose and fell like this for the entire week... and you know what that means. IT'S SUGARIN' TIME....more

A Smear on Cream Cheese