Beth Mahoney

Beth Mahoney is a military brat of 18 years, turned military wife of almost 20 years with three elementary school-aged children. In 2008 she published "101 Tips for Military Spouses" and in 2009 she released her first book series "Robby the C-130" for military children. She is the Founder of Kids of America's Heroes, a non-profit organization for military children, and works closely with military officials, school Principals, and Counselors to provide better communication between schools and military families.

In 1998 she was appointed Chairperson for the International Webmasters Association of Hawaii, in 2009 she was a guest speaker for Arkansas Governor Beebe on military family issues, and in 2010 a was a featured Children's Author at the Arkansas Literary Festival. She was award 2009 LRAFB Volunteer of the Quarter, was the founding committee chair for Month of the Military Child, and nominated National Military Spouse of the Year by CINCHouse and

Mrs. Mahoney attended Hawaii Pacific University for Computer Science and Business Entrepreneurship while attending and speaking at prestigious nationwide conferences and seminars such as Internet World, Comdex, and the Hawaii Technology Expo.

Beth Mahoney owns and operates ROBBY THE C-130 and WIZKIDS PUBLISHING, a children's book publication company focusing on Elementary School children, parents, and educators.


• June 2008 published , “101 Military Living Tips”
• September 2008 published, “Meet Robby the C-130”
• October 2009 published, "Robby the C-130 Goes to Germany"
• September 2008, Founded KIDS OF AMERICAS HEROES, a non-profit school program for military children.
• May 2009 selected Little Rock AFB Volunteer of the Quarter
• April 2009 Little Rock AFB Month of the Military Child Annual Committee Leader
• UPCOMING: February 2011: Robby the C-130 Goes to Hawaii

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