Debbie Lehr-Lee

Life Coach focusing on planning, advice and tools to Ace Life and academics from high school through college graduation.

I am passionate about helping students and their parents who are feeling overwhelmed, confused and stressed about academic life to get crystal clear, focused with a personal gameplan, so that they feel more confident, directed and on task.


Getting Used to an Empty Nest During the Holidays

Another successful Hallmark-like Empty House Holiday and I’m back in my Empty Nest groove. In the past, I dreaded the first day of an empty house after a family gathering. I was always lonely, blue and feeling empty. Not anymore; I now have a strategy for transitioning back to a quiet, clean house and still relishing the craziness of having everyone home. This didn’t happen on day one but took months to set in....more
I love the way you handled being an 'empty nester' and can't wait to create a plan of my own. My ...more