Debra McCormick

I learned quickly to find humor in the hard when I saw women my age turning into Empty Nesters, traveling, and being able to regularly pluck their eyebrows - while I was still wiping drool. And poop. So I started a blog.This is my place to share my voice as a middle aged new mommy while trying not to lose who I am along the way.


My Blogs

How one school tells kids to just take the bullying and never tell or defend themselves.

First of all – what the crap?! Second of all, what THE CRAP!? I am seriously concerned over our nation and the groups of idiots that occasionally come to the surface and embarrass us all ....more

Alpaca Farm, Yarn, and Chicken Coop Updates

Friday and Saturday? Gorgeous weather here in NC! And the perfect time to build a… Chicken Coop ....more

New moms have it all wrong when it comes to choosing a baby name

The fad today is for moms-to-be to pick out a baby name NOT in the top 50 popular names list. But if every new mom does this, won’t their baby end up BEING in the top 50 popular names list? I’m really thinking they should choose a few at the top of the popular name […] To expand the full article please click the title ....more

Short Takes : Talking dog

Sometimes you just need to find something to laugh at. To expand the full article please click the title. Comments make me sing a little less off key, so please drop me a note letting me know you visited my site ....more

How to put triplets to bed in 3 easy steps.

Occasionally there are articles featured on websites explaining the 100 steps to getting your child to bed…to brush teeth…to get dressed…name the task, you can probably find one somewhere. With triplets, I learned quick to be more of a “No, not again…love you – night night precious!”...more

30 things you can do with lemons

I have never been a tree hugger. Or what some would consider “green”. I have lived my life buying random cleaners because of the brand name ....more

Bittersweet text with my 25 year old daughter

My daughter and I have very funny text conversations. We don’t mean to. It just happens ....more

1 in 5

Today is a national Show me 1 in 5 movement to raise awareness for the magnitude of people dealing with Dyslexia. This is my son. He is smart ....more

The most useful tips when making your own laundry detergent.

You can google “homemade laundry detergent” and then spend 2 hours reading the tons of search results at your fingertips. Or you can keep reading here because I am in a giving mood and have already done that for you. All the recipes are basically the same ....more

Kudos to Li’l Woodzeez

This is not a paid review. This is a review because I LOVE this product. Today my mother and I ran some errands and we stumbled upon Li’L Woodzeez in Target ....more