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: Irritated that my J key is gone and my R key keeps sticking. Hard because my names start with R and J. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

On Weddings and Wedding Rings

I found myself looking longingly at wedding rings the other day.  I gazed through the brightly lit jewelry case to all those well lit diamonds and platinum settings.  In my day when I actually had a brief reason to look they were gold, yellow gold as it is called today.  Now its more fashionable to be white gold or the more expensive platinum.  ...more

Well I did go out and buy myself a diamond ring.  It isn't a wedding set but its beautiful.  ...more

Where are all the middle-aged women bloggers?

Okay, I'm a real newby, and I realize, at this stage of my blogging life, I’m largely talking to myself, but I’ve been doing this fairly regularly for more than two months now, and I still can’t decide what I want my blog to be. I write like I’m going to be graded. I’ve been wandering around the Internet, going from blog to blog, finding blogs I sort of like and linking to blogs those bloggers like, but I can’t seem to hear the voice I want to hear. ...more

Hi there,

I'm 48, divorced, mother of five.  I've got 3 left at home, one about to turn ...more