Too big to give a fuck

Here is a little note for people on customer service: Every company I have ever worked with that has terrible customer service apologizes a lot and makes soothing noises in lieu of actually doing anything. When your company fucks up it does NO good to say how sorry you are and you empathize. ...more

Who Wants to Be a World Champion?

Since everyone and their brother was talking about Ronda’s fight this weekend, I thought I’d talk about something else.Driving back from Las Vegas, we got to talking about athletes who take steroid and Eric, my son-in-law, suggested that athletes take steroids because they want people to like them. Even if an athlete has outstanding performance, they think they can do better with drugs, and they will perform even better so the fans, team owners, sponsors will like them better.When I was competing, I had friends who justified taking performance enhancing drugs because “everyone is doing it”.I was never the least bit tempted to use steroids. Maybe it would have helped me win, but that wouldn’t have been winning, it would have been cheating ....more

Attitude, behavior and self-employment: Less boring than it sounds

Our story so far … I suggested that people with disabilities who are successful in education, jobs or self-employment don’t define themselves as disabled, and neither do the people around them. It can’t be that simple, right? Have a positive attitude, look on the sunny side of life and next thing you know, people are driving by and throwing bags of cash in through the open door of your mansion ....more

Self-Employment and People with Disabilities

I’m looking forward to speaking at the Turtle Mountain Disabilities Conference and not just because they have one of the best conference logos I have ever seen. ...more

Text Mining with SAS – class notes

More notes from the text mining class. At this rate, I’ll have the last lecture for my class done before the course starts (-: Many of these concepts like start and stop lists apply to any text mining software but it just happens that the class I’m teaching this fall uses SAS ——— In Enterprise Miner, you can only have 1 project open at a time, but you can have multiple diagrams and libraries, and of course, zillions of nodes, in a single project In Enterprise Miner, can use text or text location as a type of variable. Documents < 32K in size can be contained in project as a text variable ....more

Text Mining Notes from Awesome Free Course from SAS (Yeah, you read that right)

Hot tip: If you are a professor, you have access to some major benefits from SAS. The main ones that jump to mind are: Free classes that are worth FAR more than you paid for them. Free software via SAS On-Demand ....more

Priorities change

You wouldn't guess that McDonald's would be a likely site for an epiphany, but this week, you would be wrong.I was in San Diego for two days, taking a class on text mining, and stopped on the way home in San Clemente to get a cup of coffee at the exit that just happens to be half-way between San Diego and Los Angeles. I had stopped at that same McDonald's hundreds of times in my twenties, as I drove back and forth between San Diego, where I lived and had a job as an industrial engineer, and Los Angeles, where I trained at Tenri Dojo and Orange County Kodokan all weekend.Thirty years ago, those drives were the most important thing in my life, because I got most of my total mat time in on those three days. We had practice Friday night, twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday ....more

You're never too old to start anew

I've got a surefire idea of how to fund our next round of development. I'm going to charge $10 to everyone who asks me one of these four questions: What made you decide to start an educational gaming company? Didn't you run into a lot of skepticism when you first started? ...more

Less is More: Coaching Elite Athletes

I was talking to someone about coaching yesterday and I mentioned something I learned from Jim Pedro, Sr. many years ago, although he said it in a funny, Boston accent.He was always saying, "Mo-ah is not always bett-ah." When asked how much coaching I do of Ronda these days, I was reminded of this remark, because I rarely tell her anything. When I do, I tell her once ....more

Captain Obvious and SAS Enterprise Miner

Captain Obvious wearing her obvious hat Maybe this is obvious, but I have often found that what is obvious to some people is not so obvious to others, so here are a few random tips. 1. Enterprise Miner can take a REALLY long time to load during which you wonder if anything is happening at all. Open up the task manager and look for something that says javaw.exe *32 ...more