Data quality – getting ready to teach data mining

Getting ready to teach a data mining course at the end of the year, I started looking through data sets I have on my desktop. Not sure what I will end up using. My first lesson, no matter what, is going to be on data quality ....more

Learn to Code for Free (for Real)

I can imagine the type of person served by an expensive, intensive programming bootcamp – someone with money (or, at least, good credit) and several weeks of free time. That has never described me in my life. The last time I had six weeks free was in the summer after tenth grade, before I started working full-time and at age 14, I had neither money nor credit ....more

The Benefits of Being Uncool

Tom Peters has written quite a bit about the huge market opportunities in providing goods and services designed for two populations – women and old geezers. I thought of this today as, for the thousandth time, I went through the pre-check line only to have my titanium knee set off the security alarm and get patted down. X-ray scanners are in limited supply while people who have had joint replacements are an increasing number ....more

8 Things Your Boss Wants To Tell You

For the past 24 years, I have been someone’s boss – research assistants, secretaries, programmers, tech writers, artists, animators – the list is long, of both people and positions. When I told my niece the title of this post, she asked, “Wouldn’t your boss just tell you (whatever it was)? Isn’t that the good thing about being the boss, you don’t need to bite your tongue?” No ....more

Free Rice Prizes Update

There was a contest to raise money for the World Food Programme before Ronda's last fight, just like every time.Ronda said that she thought the people who donated over 1,000,000 grains of rice should get something special. So… some of them requested an autographed poster and they received it.In the past, sometimes people received prizes that their reaction was like when your grandmother gave you pajamas as a present when you were a little kid. That is, they were polite but there was the sense that it wasn't what they hoped for.This is where we dropped the ball … ....more

Raising Ronda Rousey

I don't usually have time to listen to interviews Ronda does, but the past two weeks, I have been in North Dakota with a lot of time spent in hotel rooms, and I was amused to hear Ronda's side of her childhood on The Fighter and the Kid podcast. It was a little bit like those stories my mom used to tell me about how she had to walk 10 miles to school barefoot in the snow and it was uphill both ways.First off, the water thing, I am actually NOT one of those people who believe that not drinking water during practice makes you tough. On the contrary, where some judo coaches refuse to let kids go off the mat to get a drink, when it is hotter or they are working hard and sweating a lot, we take water breaks every 30 minutes ....more

How Judo Helped Me in Business: Part N of a Billion

I've rambled on here randomly about how sports helped in business. This week was yet another example. A couple of years ago, I started a new company, 7 Generation Games, that makes computer games to teach kids math ....more

Why You Really Ought to Re-Think Older Entrepreneurs

I read some poorly done research the other day that showed a very small number of start-ups that became billion-dollar companies were started by people over 50. ...more

Seriously, just who do you think you are?

Warning, this blog contains language and opinions that might disturb you if you are easily offended. And I don't give a shit....more

Random SAS tips on a snowy day

Since there is a blizzard and I’m inside analyzing data, I thought it was a good time for another random SAS tip. The default output type for SAS 9.4 is HTML, which is nice for presentation and sharing, but sometimes I would like a plain text output, especially if I’m going to be doing something like copying and pasting the output into my program. You can easily toggle between plain text and HTML output by doing this Go to the TOOLS menu, select OPTIONS and then PREFERENCES ....more