Dr. Noelle Nelson

Noelle C. Nelson, Ph.D., is a career and relationship expert, popular seminar leader, speaker, and author of nine best-selling books, including Your Man is Wonderful: How to Appreciate Your Partner, Romance Your Differences, and Love the One You’ve Got, Dangerous Relationships: How to Identify and Respond to the Seven Warning Signs of a Troubled Relationship and The Power of Appreciation: The Key to a Vibrant Life. Through the years, her work has empowered countless individuals to be happier, healthier, and more successful at relationships, at home and at work.

Get to the Heart of Your Apology: Speak to the Hurt!

The dog ate the cord to your laptop battery, which fortunately wasn’t plugged in at the time--who knows how many volts run through those things, your dog could have been twitching for hours--but meanwhile, you’re without your computer....more

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift: Forgiveness

What if you made this Valentine’s Day more than a day about hearts and flowers? What if you made this Valentine’s Day about expanding your love, taking it beyond whatever wonderfulness you now experience to something even more amazing? It’s doable, you know. And all it takes is giving your beloved the ultimate gift: forgiveness....more

Put Grit in Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are easy to make, but hard to keep--as anyone who’s resolved to get in shape, or stop smoking, or vowed to get to work early every day can attest to. The first few days are a breeze: off you jog to the gym, so proud of yourself. You toss your smokes in the trash, yippee! You get to work, a little bleary-eyed, but early enough to get a good head start on your day. All is well. ...more

The Big Holiday Do: Doable or Not?

Your spouse wants a big Holiday do--not just the in-laws, grandparents, aunts and uncles, your respective siblings, their mates and assorted children, but also all sixteen cousins with their mates and kids, because after all, you rarely can get the whole family together, and--it’s the Holidays! ...more

A Thanksgiving to Be Grateful For

You love your extended family, you really do, and the thought of all those aunts and uncles, in-laws and parents, cousins and various spouses and children warms your heart.Until it’s time for them to descend on your home for Thanksgiving.Even if it’s just a parent or solitary in-law or wayward cousin, having to deal with relatives you see but once or twice a year can be a trial. It seems so much easier to love them at a distance!...more

Turn the Tables on Your Horrible Boss: Go from Miserable to Successful!

You’re positively miserable. Your boss is a walking criticism-machine, never a supportive nod or word of thanks, regardless of how long and hard you slave at your appointed tasks. Heaven forbid anything goes wrong, ever, for even an instant, because he whips out blame with lightening speed, excoriating whoever he deems responsible, which is of course, never him--always you or another of your equally miserable co-workers....more

Regain Peace of Mind: Trash Those Unwanted Thoughts!

You made up. The argument is long over, life with your sweetheart is back to normal. Except for that little nagging thought that keeps running through your brain, with the determined persistence of a hamster on a treadmill: “How could he/she do that? How could he/she say that about me in front of our friends?” Despite the countless times you’ve reminded your self that he/she not only recognized (eventually) that they were wrong for doing it (Yippee! One for your side) but also apologized profusely. ...more

Living in the Problem? Try Living in the Solution!

 You’re annoyed. You promised yourself you would lose that weight, go to the gym, get in shape to join your friends in a much vaunted walk-a-thon. Yet here you are, six months later, one month away from the walk-a-thon, and you’ve only lost a couple of pounds, your trips to the gym are spotty at best, and you’re starting to make up excuses to give to your friends. ...more

Wanna Be Happy? Practice!

If ever there was a miserable day, this is it: your six year old threw a tantrum because her favorite socks have a hole in them, your SO forgot about an early meeting, so you had to take the kids to school rushing all the way, hair still damp from your shower because who had time to dry it, much less style it you got a ticket for speeding, so now you’re late to work. ...more