Dana Rudolph

I am the founder and publisher of Mombian: Sustenance for Lesbian Moms, which offers a mix of parenting, politics, diversions, and resources for lesbian moms and other LGBT parents.

I write a regular "Mombian" column for several major LGBT newspapers across the country, and have spoken at various conferences and events about LGBT parenting. I've had pieces appear in the Huffington Post, Washington Post's "On Parenting" site, an independent supplement to USA Today produced by Mediaplanet, After Ellen, After Elton, and 365gay.com. I am a contributing writer for the Bilerico Project, an LGBT group blog.

I also cover LGBT political and legal news as a correspondent for Keen News Service, which provides stories to numerous LGBT news outlets across the country.

I have over a decade of experience in the online industry, at both the startup and corporate levels. In my non-freelance life, I am the online content manager for the National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum at the Wellesley Centers for Women, a program of teacher-led faculty development seminars that help build diversity literacy and more equitable curricula. (On this blog, I speak solely for myself, not my employer.)

Before that, I was a vice president at Merrill Lynch, developing marketing and business strategies for several key online initiatives. I was also the first leader of the firm's global LGBT employee network.

I live with my spouse of 20 years and our ten-year-old son.

TED Ed Kids' Videos Show Welcome (and Unexpected) Inclusion of Same-Sex Couples

As a lesbian mom, I'm always on the lookout for children's books and media that are inclusive of same-sex relationships. I was thrilled, therefore, when I discovered two such videos from TED Ed, the educational branch of the organization that puts on the thought-provoking TED Talks. One of them was particularly unexpected....more

Be Part: Blogging for LGBT Families Day Is June 3

It’s almost June, and I’m excited. For the eighth year in a row, I will be hosting Blogging for LGBT Families Day, a time for bloggers of all sexual orientations and gender identities to post in support of LGBT families....more

Marriage with an Asterisk

My spouse Helen and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary this week. Coincidentally, the U.S. Supreme Court will be hearing two cases on marriage equality at the same time. I’m hoping our happy anniversary vibes will sway them....more

10 Things TO Say to Lesbian Moms

It may not quite be an Internet meme, but several writers in the past month have offered their thoughts on what not to say to lesbian moms. Judy Gold at HuffPo gives a personal story about "The Question You Should Never Ask a Lesbian Mom"; Jeanne Sager at The Stir lists "5 Things Never to Say to Lesbian Moms"; Te-Erika Patterson at Mom.me writes of "What Not to Say to LGBT Parents"; and L. A. Pintea at Parents.com relates "10 Things You Shouldn't Ask a Lesbian Mom." It's enough to make people think they should never approach us. I'd like to turn things around here, and suggest several things you should say to lesbian moms....more
People get touchy over the parenting thing. I get touchy over the parenting thing. There are ...more

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Writes to Bullied Youth

Dear Children:It gets better. I know from experience. When I was but a wee foal, the other young reindeer bullied me mercilessly about my nose. It was not the coal black of theirs, but waxed and waned from a dull red to a glowing, vibrant crimson, depending on my mood. ...more

Being the LGBT Parent of an Infant

Being an LGBT parent is in most ways no different from being any other kind of parent. We change our kids’ diapers and read them bedtime stories just like anyone else. Still, the law and society discriminate against and marginalize us in many ways, giving LGBT-headed families extra hurdles to overcome. ...more

Join Us for the 7th Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day on June 1

Bloggers of all sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions are invited to write in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) families this Friday, June 1, on the 7th Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day....more

New Resource Named "Best Practices" on Suicide Prevention for LGBT Youth

I don't need to tell most readers that LGBT youth are at a higher risk than their non-LGBT peers for attempting suicide. Until today, however, no “Best Practices” have been identified or designated to help reduce vulnerability and risk among LGBT children, youth, or adults.That has now changed....more

Boy Scouts Expel Mom As Son's Den Leader -- Just Because She Is a Lesbian

The Boy Scouts of America has recently told Jennifer Tyrrell, a lesbian mom in Ohio, that because of her sexual orientation, she can no longer serve as the den leader of her son's local Cub Scout chapter. Although the parents of other boys in the den supported her, the local Boy Scout council revoked her membership....more
 @carolrood No. This organization went to the US Supreme Court to defend their right to exclude ...more

Glee, Coming Out, and Family Acceptance

This week’s Glee episode had many problems. In particular, glee club member Finn (Cory Monteith) suffered no consequences for outing classmate Santana (Naya Rivera) as a lesbian last week, as Dorothy Snarker has pointed out. And using Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”—a song about drunken antics, not about being a lesbian—as the theme for the episode could be seen as lending credence to the false “it’s a choice” theory of why people are gay.But the episode did one thing right: It showed that one of the key issues for young LGBT people is acceptance—not just by their friends, but by their families. Santana informed the glee club that her parents were accepting when she told them she was a lesbian—but a heart-wrenching scene later showed her grandmother telling her she is no longer her granddaughter....more