Dana Rudolph

I am the founder and publisher of Mombian: Sustenance for Lesbian Moms, which offers a mix of parenting, politics, diversions, and resources for lesbian moms and other LGBT parents.

I write a regular "Mombian" column for several major LGBT newspapers across the country, and have spoken at various conferences and events about LGBT parenting. I've had pieces appear in the Huffington Post, Washington Post's "On Parenting" site, an independent supplement to USA Today produced by Mediaplanet, After Ellen, After Elton, and 365gay.com. I am a contributing writer for the Bilerico Project, an LGBT group blog.

I also cover LGBT political and legal news as a correspondent for Keen News Service, which provides stories to numerous LGBT news outlets across the country.

I have over a decade of experience in the online industry, at both the startup and corporate levels. In my non-freelance life, I am the online content manager for the National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum at the Wellesley Centers for Women, a program of teacher-led faculty development seminars that help build diversity literacy and more equitable curricula. (On this blog, I speak solely for myself, not my employer.)

Before that, I was a vice president at Merrill Lynch, developing marketing and business strategies for several key online initiatives. I was also the first leader of the firm's global LGBT employee network.

I live with my spouse of 20 years and our ten-year-old son.

Standing Outside the Door: White Women's Responsibility to Renisha McBride

When I heard about Renisha McBride being shot and killed while seeking help after a car accident, my first reaction was grief. If it isn’t sad enough that this young woman lost her life, that her family lost her, it is infinitely sadder that she was lost in such a senseless incident. ...more
Great and necessary post! Thanks!more

10 Things TO Say to Lesbian Moms

It may not quite be an Internet meme, but several writers in the past month have offered their thoughts on what not to say to lesbian moms. Judy Gold at HuffPo gives a personal story about "The Question You Should Never Ask a Lesbian Mom"; Jeanne Sager at The Stir lists "5 Things Never to Say to Lesbian Moms"; Te-Erika Patterson at Mom.me writes of "What Not to Say to LGBT Parents"; and L. A. Pintea at Parents.com relates "10 Things You Shouldn't Ask a Lesbian Mom." It's enough to make people think they should never approach us. I'd like to turn things around here, and suggest several things you should say to lesbian moms....more
Thanks, Annmaria! That's what I would wish for. I just sense that some people hesitate to engage ...more

Should Kids Ever Play with Guns?

Like many parents, I made a few vows against vices before giving birth to my son, such as no TV, no junk food, no sleep training, no kid clutter and no taking them to the groceries or the mall. Some I abide by but most are now laughable. As it happens, one of those vows included no playing with toy guns. Well, turns out we have toy guns… sort of....more
I've never been a fan of gun play, and we try to limit it with our son--but unless we want to ...more

LGBT Families Day: For Our Son

In honor of LGBT Families Day, we are featuring a snippet of this beautiful post from a proud mother inspired to fight for her son's familial rights. There are a number of excellent posts to honor this day over at Mombian's blog - enjoy!: ...more
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Answering the Question that Will Shape Him Forever: "Can Two Girls Love Each Other?"

Caesar waits as I ponder, poking his finger around the container filled with the rainbow colored stars I've already stamped out, for the Mother's Day cards he'll be decorating later. That must have been what prompted the question. He has so many grandmothers, after all. He flushes a bit, I've kept him waiting too long and now he's worried he asked an inappropriate question. He shuffles his feet, and speaks again: "I was just wondering how they love each other and if it's okay." He's only five now, but how I answer this will shape what he knows, what he lives, what he repeats -- forever. ...more
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Let the Wild Rumpus Continue: Celebrating Maurice Sendak's Life

Today Maurice Sendak -- author and illustrator of many beloved childrens' books -- passed away at the age of 83. I will be honest and say that I didn't know he was still alive. I figured that an author that had written a book that my mother read as a child and passed on to me which I, in turn, passed on to my sons would surely not still be with us. I had built him up to be something bigger than life and, as such, other-worldly. I am left feeling sad that I didn't have my sons send some fan mail as they fell in love with the book over the past six years. On the other hand, they say that many creative types -- authors and poets and artists -- don't ever see true appreciation for their life's work. I hope Maurice knew how much children and adults alike loved his work....more
I've loved Sendak's book for years, but I was also struck by his bravery in coming out as gay in ...more

OMG! I'm Going to Be a Grandmother and I Hate Gender Marketing

When I hijacked TW and told her we were going to Toys R Us for inspiration for my blog post about all of the baby gear parents have nowadays, she heckled. Inspiration at the toy store? Impossible. We'd just be frustrated and grouchy! Which is generally true, but I was prepared for all of the things that generally bug me about toy stores. ...more
Great post, Denise. I totally agree with you. Stop the pinkifying! I've also noticed this is ...more

U.S. Customs To Recognize Same-Sex Families At Borders

Breaking News: With very little heads-up, there has been a change in policy regarding the processing of same-sex families through United States customs, though I could find no official press release anywhere. Image: CBP Photography via Flickr ...more
Thanks for posting about this, Heather. Here's the official ...more

Think You're a Stay-at-Home-Mom? Nope! Wikipedia Says You're a Housewife!

Words matter. A lot. The difference between “leak-proof” and “leak-resistant” could mean nothing, or it could mean a kid sitting in a puddle of pee because you picked the wrong diaper cover. That’s why we pick our words (and diaper covers) carefully. So consider this little tidbit from Wikipedia: If you search for “stay-at-home dad,” you will be taken to this page, titled, not surprisingly, “Stay-at-home dad.” Now search for “stay-at-home mom.” Go ahead. I’ll wait. You will land on this page, titled, “Housewife.” It doesn’t even use the words “stay-at-home mom” in the article until the very end....more
Since I'm a lesbian stay-at-home mom and my marriage is only legal in a few states, I guess I'd ...more

Bunnicula Made Me Smarter

James and Deborah Howe's Bunnicula is a one of those series from my childhood that I still love. I was recently horrified to find out that one of my friends, who has two small children, had never heard of it. While many readers can point to Dracula or Anne Rice as what put them on the path of vampire-obsession, for me it was all about Bunnicula. Who doesn't like a cute bunny with a dark and sinister side? Like Emlyn Chand I believe the best vampire has a cotton tail but her love of Bunnicula goes one step further -- Bunnicula made her smart. ...more
Fun Bunnicula fact: Bunnicula author James Howe's book The Misfits is the inspiration for No ...more