DushiYanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

"All humanity is passion. Without passion religion, history, novels, art would be ineffectual"- Honore De Balzac- French Journalist & Writer.

I am a Journalist/PhotoJournalist/Blogger born, reside and work in Sri Lanka.I have 18 years of experience in journalism.I have been blogging since 2005.I have traveled extensively for news coverage, feature and documentary making. I am training a bunch of budding journalists and youth in photojournalism.Journalism is an adventure and I like to be challenged.

What We Must See: After War in Sri Lanka

They got married in 1990 and were leading a normal life. Both husband and wife used to make sweet called “Muscat” and sell it for survival. But after they got injured, they have become immobile. Jeyarubi Jeyalingam crawls on the ground and grass to move around. Her husband, Selvaratnam Jeyalingam, has a wooden clutch to support. ...more

My thoughts are strongly with this family. I ended up at a train station in Agra, India. The ...more