Love Hurts

 I know I haven’t written much about Baby Oren (or as I like to call him, Sir Poopsalot. Or Baby Boo Boo. Or Smooshers McDuff. I really call him everything BUT his actual name)....more

The Princess and the Pee Pee


Too Many Mornings Like This Morning

 I just feel like there have been too many mornings like this morning. Mornings following horror and tragedy. I fell asleep last night while watching the news (again). I fell asleep while watching more images of people running in fear, and more images of smoke and ambulances and tears....more

A Scar Is Born

 So I was at an event this weekend – one where I knew just a handful of people, but tried my very best to be sociable and meet new folks and make small talk. Generally speaking, I find it easy to talk with other mommies, as there is obvious common ground, experiences to compare, and advice to be shared. At this event, my daughter quickly made friends with a three year old girl, so it seemed appropriate that I talk with the little girl’s mom....more

She's Making Me Dizzy!

 My head is spinning. Like a whirlpool, it never ends… No, I didn’t just twirl around and around in circles, or get off a killer rollercoaster. It’s my daughter. She’s a whirlwind....more

The Thing That Comforts Him Most

 Sometimes my baby boy gets himself a little worked up. Whether it is because he is tired or hungry or his belly is full of gas, he gets all tied up in knots over it, like the whole world is just falling to pieces. Oren cries, arches his back, kicks his little legs to and fro, tries to scratch his own eyes out with his teeny little fingernails....more

Kids Say the Darndest Things

 Emmy is a talker, with a vocabulary that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds every day. For the most part, she is totally easy to understand. But recently I’ve been noticing and appreciating “Emmyisms” – words that are uniquely (and repeatedly) mispronounced in a way that is hugely endearing....more
@JennaHatfield  @Denise That's super... and pretty much my sentiment about donuts, in general. :)more

The Tricky, Tenacious Twos

Terrible is a very strong word. Therefore, I hesitate to use the word “terrible twos” to describe my daughter, even on her worst days.Tricky, though? Oh, yes....more
@dvorakoelling Oh yes, three is worse for SURE!more

Baby O.

I haven’t blogged much since Oren was born. Forgive me. It’s been super challenging to find the time and the space to think, let alone translate my thoughts into cohesive sentences and paragraphs. But I figure I should probably write SOMETHING about my baby boy before he turns sixteen....more

A Three Year Old Meanie Made Me Cry

There’s a back story to this. ...more