Mothers should never get sick...a not so glamourous look into why...

This has been just a lovely last week. I have been sick. Not just your average "walk around with a tissue box in your hand" kind of cold...but a "knock you on your butt, have to have mom come over to save the day" kind. I haven't had coffee for a week, or even been able to taste my food! That is sick people! I think my favorite moment in it all was when Lindsay had to stop by to pick something up and I had been telling her for days that I was ok....she literally looked at me, winced, said something like "oooooo"....more

16 Things a Mother Should {NEVER} Do....


The one about being too hung over to be the Easter bunny was sad. Know when to party, folks. more

Surviving The Strong Willed Child...

Yesterday my friend Gena called after a daunting trip to the post office with her youngest monkey. She said, "I think I may have just got a glimpse of the judgmental stares you've told me so much about." Apparently Mr. H, her almost 3-year-old, was less than cooperative, and to put it nicely, was like a monkey on crack. As she told me the story, she was laughing one of those crazy laughs ... like she was either going to pull a Thelma and Louise and drive off a cliff or start to cry....more

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
When it's happening to you, you feel like the only parent on ...more

DIY Toys... Secret Mommy Moment on EMM

Kimberly... is the mother of two gorgeous boys and the wife of a wonderful man. She is fluent in cloth diapering, homemade baby food, baby wearing, natural parenting, having fun, getting messy, playing games, drinking coffee....more

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