Elizabeth Flora Ross

Elizabeth is a Florida mom who has recently rediscovered her passion for words. She blogs about her struggles and successes as a writer and a mom at The Writer Revived and is the creator of The Mom Pledge, an online campaign to eradicate cyber bullying among moms. 



Wild Kratts Toys Are Here! - A Review

"I'm too excited to eat!" my 5 year-old daughter declared. I had checked the tracking information before breakfast, and announced our sample of Wild Kratts toys would be arriving that day. She parked herself by a window in the living room, looking out at the street ....more

The Summer Series - Lori Lavender Luz

I'm honored to have Lori Lavender Luz participate in my Summer Series this year! Lori writes from Denver, where she and her husband are raising their teen daughter and tween son. Lori is the award-winning author of the new book, The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption: Helping Your Child Grow Up Whole, written with her daughter’s birth mom for people involved in international, foster, and domestic adoptions ....more

The Summer Series - Cameron Garriepy

I'm not quite sure how my path had not crossed today's guest's until just recently. She is another awesome writer I connected with through the Women of Midlife group. But we have been part of many of the same writers' circles for a few years now ....more

Transformation - Our New Summer Space!

We don't have a back yard. We have a lovely deck attached to our house. It backs up to woods so thick in summer we have complete privacy ....more

The Summer Series - Lucy Robinson

I was first introduced to my guest today through a mutual online friend. If memory serves, I butted in on a Twitter conversation, which I am wont to do. Or, it could have been that after watching a Twitter conversation unfold, I thought to myself, "I like this Lucy gal." And followed her immediately ....more

The Summer Series - Carol Cassara

My guest today is one of the many talented writers I have connected with through the Women of Midlife group. And it wasn't long before her blog became one I read regularly. She makes me think, a quality I enjoy and admire in a writer ....more

A week on the wild side

This week, SB has been attending camp at our local zoo. It is something she has been looking forward to for a couple of years. She had to wait until she was five ....more

The Summer Series - Angela Amman

Angela Amman is a short story and essay writer. She is one of the many talented writers I connected with online via the group Write on Edge (formerly The Red Dress Club). Angela is a mother to...more

A magical moment with manatees

I seriously love living in Florida. Yes, it's hot right now. And humid ....more