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I am a registered nurse women’s health care expert who spends a lot of professional time answering health related questions from a variety of professionals and product users – consumers.  Also, I am the one everyone in my realm contacts when they have health questions.  Even when I don’t know the facts, I can research them and then relate them in a way that is more understandable than just reading the medical literature.  Love being helpful in that way!  That is one of the reasons that Tampax, Always and beinggirl.com have asked me to be one of its women's health experts. 

It isn’t a matter of telling anyone what to do – far from it.  It is about providing factual information about health so decisions about how to manage it for one’s self, is made using the best information possible. 


I decided to post on blogher.com because it is a place where women and teens go to ask questions about puberty, periods, menstrual health and menopause and to talk to each other about their questions and concerns.  If anyone has any questions about that, please feel free to ask away!

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On Thursday, March 13, 2014, UNESCO AND THE ALWAYS BRAND launched the first good policy and practice publication on puberty education and menstrual hygiene management.   UNESCO is the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization,  an agency of the United Nations that promotes education and communication and the arts....more
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Yes, I am one of the BlogHer speakers at the 2014 conference and couldn’t be more pleased to join the roster of such an accomplished group (I say very very humbly).  Along with being able to share health-related information, I am incredibly happy there is a mini conference totally focused on health and wellbeing.  ...more
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TMI and not in a good way!

This seems to be the era of way too much information sharing.  And, I am guilty of that also.   While I tend to use more discretion with my online presence, in person is a totally different story.  This came to my awareness when I was shopping recently with my daughter.  For those of you with daughters (don’t have a son so can’t compare), you know that they are probably your most honest source of feedback, whether you ask for it or not.   ...more
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My 2014 Book of the Year is Girl to Girl: Honest Talk About Growing Up and Your Changing Body

Granted that we are not even two weeks into the beginning of 2014, but I know without a doubt this book will remain my favorite of the year – at least in the women’s health category.Why is Girl to Girl my favorite book??...more
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Chanukah: 8 Days of Joyous Gift Giving

Chanukah is one of my most favorite holidays of the year.  Why?  It is a happy ending story of heroism and cooperation.   Also (and I swear this is secondary) it lasts for over a week and includes the traditional 8 days of gift giving.  As I am a lover of gifts and surprises, the fun of Chanukah suits me well.   For others who didn’t grow up celebrating the holiday, there can be a quandary for them on what is an appropriate gift to give for Chanukah.   Every year, I get asked in person or by email what someone should get for their Jewish friend o...more
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My Health Care Professional is NOT a physician!

This is sort of a confession type of post, but in a good way.  When I advise that someone should see their health care professional, I mean they should contact the person who provides them with their health care.  Mostly this person is a physician and for me, that is usually who has been my first line of health care giver.  In fact, before I even see someone new, I research their credentials, check out where they graduated from medical school and look to see how other have rated their experience.  Again, always a doctor, until NOW.  ...more
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Breast self-awareness - more than just self-exam.

There are some things I can be funny about and others NOT.  Breast self-exam is one of those things that I find difficult to joke about.  Why?  Because, doing it saved my friend’s life.  And, Laura, the toast here is for you!!  You did it…you found it… and you dealt with your breast cancer with dignity, grace and great humor.  ...more
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BREASTS OF STEEL: Another reason why mammograms matter

This post is dedicated to my daughter who had her first mammogram last week.  She turned 40 years old this year and that is the age her physician recommended she begin the squash, squeeze and photo session.  While I make light of the process of how the mammogram is done, there is nothing humorous about the importance of getting a baseline image at first and then annual repeat screenings.   Early detection and treatment of breast cancer is important to achieving the goal of healthy survival.  I say go MAMMOGRAMS!! ...more
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Thesis: Menstrual Protection Products and Modern Society

Rest easy, this this really isn’t a graduate thesis on period products, though I sure feel like I could write one, as much as I have read and written about them over the years.  Just in the recent past alone, I have blogged on the history of internally worn products, provided facts to address myths and false information found online about periods and puberty, and responded to questions about changing period needs.  Along with blogging, I have answered hundreds of period questions and, once upon a time ago, I was even been a monthly user. ...more
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Educate Yourself on Symptoms for National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

When I first started writing this post, I had the idea to call it the magical powers of the ovaries and their influence on puberty, periods and menopause.  While my original intent was to focus on the wonders of the ovaries, because knowledge can save lives, I have switched gears so that the main focus of this post will be about ovarian cancer. ...more
The scary thing as I read these symptoms is...who hasn't had these symptoms...I'm reminded of ...more