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I am a co-founder of BlogHer and manage its events, marketing and corporate operations. After 13 years of marketing in Silicon Valley, I left high tech product management in 2003 to go online and join the social media world. I was one of the earliest professional and business bloggers and currently write or contribute to eight blogs. I blogs at various times about marketing, health issues, green and eco-conscious living, being a vegan, and reality TV talent shows like American Idol and Project Runway! I have a monthly column for the Silicon Valley Metro called Silicon Veggie. Those Blogs: BlogHer Blog Veggie Goes Vegan Elisa's Green Scene Personal Blog Worker Bees Blog HealthyConcerns SF Bay Area Theatre Blog SF Bay Style

Another Fun and Useful Conference Resource, Thanks to Our Sponsor Skype

Last week I announced the BlogHer Buddy System, brought to you by Official Communications Sponsor, Skype. Have you signed up yet? Have you accepted my Skype invite, so you can get added? Did you know you have to go to Skype to see your Skype invites and groups...it doesn't come to your email? Or did you know that, and you just don't want to connect to me?...more
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More Wonderful BlogHer '14 Keynote Additions: Isabel Kallman, Kara Swisher, Nellie Bowles and Teneshia Jackson-Warner

The hits keep coming. Or, in this case, the awesome speakers do. I have four great additions to share with you today: Pathfinder Day Keynote Speakers: ...more
Outstanding speakers!more

BlogHer '14 Closing Keynote: Meet Us at the Intersection of Race, Gender, Feminism & the Internet

For many years we've programmed conversations at BlogHer conferences that talk about leveraging our online platforms for good. Those conversations are designed to be equal measures inspiration and instigation. This year, in fact, we have an amazing break-out panel scheduled entitled Going Beyond "Armchair Activism." Because there are certainly those who think conversations on the web and "hashtag activism" don't really effect change....more
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Announcing the BlogHer '14 Party Plan!

After long days of networking, learning, listening, geeking out, and generally pursuing the serious business of conferencing, we all know that the evening events are where some of the best networking and connection-building is done! To that end, we produce and co-host parties, big and small to suit every party palate. This post will give you some scoop. And features a little bit of a tease too, to make you wonder what's coming after the holiday weekend :) ...more

Announcing the BlogHer Buddy System, Brought to You by BlogHer's Official Communications Sponsor, Skype

Today, we are launching an awesome way for you to get to know a lot more people at BlogHer '14! It's called the BlogHer Buddy System, and it is brought to you with the assistance and technology of our Official Communications Sponsor for BlogHer '14: Skype. ...more
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Welcoming a Belle in Brooklyn to BlogHer: Demetria Lucas to Interview Kerry Washington

As we announced back in back in February, actress, activist, style icon, social media gladiator, and new mom Kerry Washington will keynote BlogHer '14 this July. Today, I'm excited to reveal that Demetria Lucas, also known as A Belle in Brooklyn, will be interviewing Kerry and digging in to all of the above topics with her typical candor and enthusiasm. ...more
PS- Demetria, you are as gorgeous as Kerry!more

Keynote Update: Talking about the Future of the Social Web at BlogHer '14

Two months ago, I announced that Arianna Huffington was returning to keynote BlogHer for the first time since both BlogHer and the Huffington Post were baby sites of one-year-old in 2006. As I said then: Bringing BlogHer back to our home in Silicon Valley, we think it's natural to invite social web pioneers to share their vision of the future for us all. With Arianna, we know we'll hear a thoughtful vision that considers how to stay happy when hyper-connected. ...more
Cannot wait! This will be my first time at BlogHer.more

Announcing: The BlogHer '14 Path Leaders for Pathfinder Day

Today we are thrilled to announce the Path Leaders for Pathfinder Day at BlogHer '14! Since 2011, this limited-capacity (tickets are already going fast; register here!) pre-conference event promises to help answer an ongoing, consistent question that we, as bloggers, often face: Where do I go from here?...more
By any chance are tickets for path to published author still available?  Last minute Lucy over ...more

Week One Cooking from Mayim's Vegan Table #vegcookbookclub

I'm trying to get back in the swing of things with the #VegCookbookClub, and this month's selection was the perfect one for me, since I already owned Mayim Bialik's Mayim's Vegan Table, and was looking forward to trying it. I also knew I wasn't traveling the entire first half of the month, so I'd be in the position to be *able* to cook at home. Which isn't always the case ....more

When comedians are vegan

They have funnier answers to the questions veg*ns get tired of answering that you or I would have. Case in point, comedian Myq Kaplan, in this article on Thrillist: Things People Say When You Tell Them You're a Vegetarian/Vegan Enjoy! ...more