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I am a co-founder of BlogHer and manage its events, marketing and corporate operations. After 13 years of marketing in Silicon Valley, I left high tech product management in 2003 to go online and join the social media world. I was one of the earliest professional and business bloggers and currently write or contribute to eight blogs. I blogs at various times about marketing, health issues, green and eco-conscious living, being a vegan, and reality TV talent shows like American Idol and Project Runway! I have a monthly column for the Silicon Valley Metro called Silicon Veggie. Those Blogs: BlogHer Blog Veggie Goes Vegan Elisa's Green Scene Personal Blog Worker Bees Blog HealthyConcerns SF Bay Area Theatre Blog SF Bay Style

Week One Cooking from Mayim's Vegan Table #vegcookbookclub

I'm trying to get back in the swing of things with the #VegCookbookClub, and this month's selection was the perfect one for me, since I already owned Mayim Bialik's Mayim's Vegan Table, and was looking forward to trying it. I also knew I wasn't traveling the entire first half of the month, so I'd be in the position to be *able* to cook at home. Which isn't always the case ....more

When comedians are vegan

They have funnier answers to the questions veg*ns get tired of answering that you or I would have. Case in point, comedian Myq Kaplan, in this article on Thrillist: Things People Say When You Tell Them You're a Vegetarian/Vegan Enjoy! ...more

The Little Things

Yesterday I picked up a few things at Trader Joe’s. San Jose and Campbell now no longer provide shopping bags; you’re supposed to provide your own. I have a trunk full of the things, but occasionally forget ....more

Arianna Huffington Returns to Keynote BlogHer in 2014

In May of 2005, a scant two months before the first BlogHer Conference, a new site called the Huffington Post was born. That was back when trying to build a business via blogging was uncharted territory. One year later, Arianna Huffington was a featured keynote speaker at BlogHer '06, our second annual event. Arianna spoke about the HuffPost, of course, but she also spoke quite poignantly about sleep. The need for sleep. How badly most of us lack sleep. ...more
Wow, I have a ticket but was kinda afraid to go, going it alone, but this sounds coolmore

Tim Cook takes it to the mat at the Apple shareholder meeting

I often say that one of the big problems we have in this country is that most public companies are legally required to prioritize shareholder value over all other things. It's called their fiduciary duty. It can lead to short-term.. ....more

Announcing the Next BlogHer '14 Keynote Speaker: Actor and Activist Kerry Washington

Imagine me wearing a white Olivia Pope trenchcoat and a fabulous smoky eye as I deliver this awesome news: Kerry Washington, actor, activist, style icon, and mom-to-be, will be joining us at BlogHer '14 to talk about her work, her causes, and the power of her social platform to amplify both....more
I wish INform Magazine would be there this year.  But I think we will try for 2015.more

Announcing BlogHer '14 Keynote Speaker: Grammy-Nominated Comedian Tig Notaro

I'm thrilled to kick off 2014 in jubilant fashion with another keynote speaker announcement for BlogHer '14: Comedian Tig Notaro will join us at BlogHer '14 and discuss her groundbreaking brand of comedy. ...more
LOVE Tig Notaro. She's an inspired choice and between her and Jenny Lawson, this is going to be ...more

Announcing BlogHer '14 Keynote Speaker: Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess

I know we may all be distracted by the impending holidays (as am I, make no mistake) -- but we have such wonderful news, I hope you'll forgive this station break to announce (on the heels of unveiling our 10x10 Project earlier this week) another BlogHer '14 keynote speaker: Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess. ...more
She is hilarious! That stuffed bear...more

BlogHer '13 Keynote Speaker Guy Kawasaki Has MORE Free Copies of APE to Give BlogHers!

It's the one-year anniversary of the book's release, and Guy is giving away another 400,000 copies of his book between now and 12/31/13. Yes, you read that right. ...more
Thanks! Appears we have until 1/31 to redeem the promo for the book.... I did it immediately, of ...more