Last weekend's farmer's market beauty and bounty

The farmer's market is always a sight for sore eyes, and I'm surprised how often I run across a fruit or vegetable I don't actually recognize. Last weekend it was these: I understand they're a kind of eggplant. Eggplant isn't my favorite food inthe world (I know, weird for a vegan not to like eggplant) but these were so pretty I was tempted to take them home ....more

My Super-Secret Intro to the MotoX: The Next Big Thing?

Three weeks ago, at the invitation of BlogHer '13 keynote speaker Guy Kawasaki, I headed to the Googleplex in Mountain View for a super-secret introduction to a super-secret new product. (A new product everyone had been talking about on tech blogs for weeks, but nonetheless ... ) ...more
@Virginia DeBolt *giggle* Life is good...little family of much fun being Virginia ...more

BlogHer '13: A Good Problem to Have -- Any Suggestions?

Hi everyone, As we prepare to hold our ninth annual BlogHer conference in Chicago, I wanted to bring this community up to speed on a particular challenge our event is facing this year. I've learned you all have terrific advice, and am hoping this is one of those times where you can help develop a solution. ...more
@all.things.fadra Well said Fadra! An event like BlogHER offers an incredible opportunity for ...more

Queen Latifah To Host the BlogHer '13 Voices of the Year Community Keynote!

Yesterday there wasn't just one #RoyalBirth. BlogHer announced the arrival of a QUEEN. Queen Latifah, that is.Now, Queen Latifah is an accomplished person. She's a musician, award-winning actress, record-label president, author, entrepreneur, and Cover Girl. She has earned a Golden Globe Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Image Awards, and a Grammy Award as well as nominations for six additional Grammys, an Emmy, and an Oscar. And this fall she's going to add daytime talk show host to her long list....more
And she was FANTASTIC!!!  What a gorgeous woman, inside and out!  I was in awe just being in the ...more

The BlogHer '13 Fashion Show Is Ready to Rock the Runway: Meet the Models

Last year, BlogHer introduced what immediately became the next BlogHer tradition: the BlogHer Fashion Show. As we announced last month, the Fashion Show will once again anchor our Saturday evening festivities to close out BlogHer '13.I like to describe the Fashion Show "like a visual Voices of the Year, only set to pumping music and in hot shoes." Our goal is to walk (really WALK) the talk about owning our beauty, each and every one of us....more
@KellyMOSullivan That is correct. :)more

UPDATE: BlogHer '13 Venue, Transportation, and Schedules: Simplifying Y/Our Lives!

Hi everyone! Today I have an announcement about a change in where various programming tracks will take place between our two venues (the McCormick Place Convention Center and the Chicago Sheraton Hotel). We hope most of you will be quite happy about this change, and that it will simplify your conference-going life and our conference-planning life! [Insert drum roll here.] We are now planning to move ALL break-out programming on Friday and Saturday to a newly-acquired section of the McCormick Place Convention Center. ...more
@BronzevilleSugar McCormick Place Westmore

The Voice Recap: The Finale

We have reached the finale of The Voice, and it seems relatively clear that the results may not go my way. Let's face it, with Judith and Sasha dismissed, the results already haven't gone my way. Everyone in the finale seems nice. Is talented. Has a lot of great potential. I have just perceived The Voice to be less about potential and more about being fully baked than, say, American Idol. This season put that idea to rest once and for all....more
Boo...I really wanted Michelle to win. I am sure she is on her way to a successful career since ...more

Announcing our BlogHer '13 Kick-off Keynote: Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman

Today we were so excited to announce yet another amazing BlogHer '13 keynote speaker: The BlogHer community's own Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman. ...more
So excited about Ree!  I'm an Aussie blogger, coming all the way from Australia! I llve on a 75 ...more

"The Voice" Recap: Who Will Make It To the Finals?

Tonight will be the cruelest cut as two singers will be elminated and only three will make it to next week's finale. Why, The Voice PTB, WHY? Image: Still from NBC video Each singer sung one song they chose and one chosen by their coach, but to be honest I lost track of which was which. Which is too bad, given some of the song choices were not so great. Let's dig in! 1. Team Blake: The Swon Brothers...more
I was worried for Sasha with Whitney's song for the same reasons you list, but when she followed ...more

The Voice: I Know Who I Want in the Finals. How About You?

After last week's shocking elimination of Judith Hill, I had to steel myself for last night's top six. Yes, I know all the rationales for why we have three bland, blonde country singers left in the competition and one fascinating, multidimensional artist unceremoniously booted, but I'm obviously still feeling the sting from Amanda Brown's elimination last season! ...more
I don't do recaps, but yesterday I did post about Sasha and mentioned Michelle. I also said at ...more