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Vassiolios Kostetsos To Plus-Sized Women: Drop Dead!

DAHLINGS –Having Full Figured Fashion Week on the horizon, June 16-19 in New York City, the epicenter of the universe, reminded your faithful correspondent of an interview I did with Vassilios Kostetsos during February’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.(The title of this entry is a paraphrase of a famous New York Post newspaper headline; look it up.) It was bitterly cold, both inside and outside the tents. The runways were overheated, but the main lobby was frigid....more

Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Part Three: The Best Dressed!

DAHLINGS - It took a bit of doing to find women who were neither excessive nor simply idiotic in their choice of garb at Monday's Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute gala opening for "The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion." However, there were some absolutely stunning choices. And while mine may not agree with everyone, I'm certain that my first pick is one of the winners across the board: ...more

Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala Part Two: The Worst Dressed!

DAHLINGS - To put it mildly, there was an abundance of riches to choose from at last night's Metropolitan Museum gala for "Model To Muse", a celebration of models in the recent decades of fashion. The worst faux pas did not come from the models, who, for the most part, wear what they're told. No, it was the celebrities who outdid themselves.   ...more

Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala, Part One

DAHLINGS – The Metropolitan Museum opened its latest costume exhibition, “The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion,” last night with a gala co-chaired by Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss, Justin Timberlake and my idol, Anna Wintour, who was of course stunning in Chanel. ...more

Oprah Winfrey, PLEASE Shut Up About Your Weight!!

DAHLINGS – Yesterday on CNN, I watched aghast as Oprah Winfrey tearfully confessed how “embarrassed” she was to attend a photo op with Tyra Banks and some other woman. Or maybe some other two women; I was a bit distracted by sheer irritation. ...more

...and thanks for saying it.  Really, it's been 20+ years that she's been talking about this, ...more

Thank God! Anna Wintour To Stay At Vogue! At Least For Now...

DAHLINGS - Imagine my relief when I read numerous rebuttals to the rumor tha tmy darling Anna Wintour would be replaced at Vogue! Si Newhouse and even Roitfeld's daughter have said absolutely non to the proposed change. Les mots ne peuvent exprimer mon secours. ...more

Terrible Rumors! Anna Wintour To Leave Vogue??

DAHLINGS - As you know, I am the last word in discreet. Far be it from moi to spread rumors, but possibly terrible news has reached my shell-like ears: Anna Wintour may be replaced at Vogue! Non! Il ne peut pas être! C'est un scandale, je vous le dis, un crime au-delà des mots! Je suis sans voix! Les mots me manquent! Non! Non! Non! ...more

Barack Obama Wins The Election!!

DAHLINGS - ...more

Belatedly, Sarah Palin's $150K Makeover...

DAHLINGS – So, is this what would happen if a hockey mom won the lottery? ...more