Elizabeth Edwards

I'm Elizabeth Edwards, blogger, writer, lover of coffee, Diet Coke, and Facebook.

Mom to Ryan ('96), Nathan ('98) & Kaitlyn ('05), & married to my high school sweetheart (yes, really!) Chris.  I started blogging while on bedrest with Kaitlyn because I found Mom blogs and thought hey, I've never been good at journaling, maybe this is a way I could blog about being a Mom like these other ladies do, to pass the time until the baby comes.  I'll have been blogging 8 years this August :)

Some of my favorite things include: Facebook (I could live on Facebook), reading (fiction, nonfiction, magazines, cereal boxes, etc.), watching TV and Netflix, my Spotify playlists, and browsing YouTube.

I love going to garage sales with my kids and on road trips with my husband. I've been reading Entertainment Weekly since 1992 and therefore know more about celebrities and their lives than anyone probably should. I'm your gal for the names of celebrities' kids, the name of the guy who was in that movie with that one guy from that other thing, and what the hottest songs are on the Billboard charts this week.

I'm also a woman in her 40s dealing with lifelong chronic depression, a more recent diagnosis of anxiety and panic disorder, weight loss struggles, and a childhood that could be a Lifetime movie.  All wrapped up in a 4 foot 10 (and a half!) inch body. So that's me.  Thanks for reading my bio :)

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