ellen gerstein

Ellen is the VP, Sales Marketing at BlogHer, operating out of the NY office.  A passionate advocate and evangelist for social media, Ellen is a graduate of University at Albany (NY) and lives in the NYC area. Online, she can be found blogging at Confessionsofanitgirl.com and on Twitter at @elleinthecity.  She is the mother of two children, Soccer Girl and IT Boy, and happily married to the always-charming and techno-phobic, Mr. IT.

Is There a Gender Gap In Literature?

Salon.com recently published an article from Laura Miller entitled “Literature's Gender Gap.” It followed on a survey by the literary site Vida that showed female voices are underrepresented in literary criticism, both in books by women and lack of women among the reviewers themselves. While that was pretty logical, it was the leap of logic that Miller took in the rest of the piece that did me in. ...more

Ellen, I love that you pointed out a flaw in the methods of the Salon article. May I also ...more

Borders Books and Music Declaring Bankruptcy Affects More than the Store

On Wednesday morning, Borders Group, the bookstore chain founded in Ann Arbor Michigan in 1971, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It claimed more than $1 billion in debt and announced they would close 30% of its more than 600 stores....more

Hopefully more libraries will be able to host authors. Maybe schools can see ways to do this as ...more

My life as a talking head

Ever wonder how they find those people to comment on topics for those tabloid TV shows? I used to. Until last week. ...more

There's no Alice Cooper song for this occasion

For most, school is already back in session or soon to be. My 3rd grader (where did the time go? Didn't she start preschool, like, yesterday??) has her first day tomorrow. A new school year means many things. For parents, one of the most dreaded next to school supply shopping is the call to volunteer. Whether it be for the PTA, your kid's classroom, AYSO or Little League, everyone seems to want a piece of your time. What's a parent to do, especially one who has little time on her hands? ...more