Emily Babb

I'm a southern gal who is Southern Living obsessed, loves to antique shop, gets giddy finding healthy recipes to force on my little family, and attempts to be crafty. I teach 4th grade, even though I have a B.A. in Psychology. Something in my head glitched when I decided to pursue a M.A.T in Elementary Education. I have a great husband and two crazy dogs. Follow us on our journey from college limbo to legit adulthood.

PR 1: Playa Sardinera

After all our adventures for the first full day we headed back to the hotel to get information about dinner and possibly a beach.What I really wanted was the Lechonera in town, it's a must if you go to Puerto Rico. However, I must warn you, finding the road side stands disappeared once we leave the north west side of the island. San Juan is too Americanized.After disappointment, and a conversation that apparently I could understand in our group with the man at the Lechonera, we opted for a Puerto Rican pizza place in town that was recommended.It was where the locals ate.There were no locals there, and it wasn't until a few days later that I finally found someone to tell me when they ate ....more

Meal Pinning Monday

Let me go ahead and be the first to admit that doing the Dukan diet when no one else is is harder than than eating bananas in from of donuts.All my meals last week were right, but snacking got the best of me during our sewing project. Then the 4th of July kicked my butt. So today I'm vowing to not cheat for the remainder of this, just because I only have 3 weeks before I have to fit into my khakies for work again.And this girl is not buying more! ...more

PR 1:: Observatorio de Arecibo

The second half of day one in Puerto Rico we headed off to Observatorio de Arecibo....more

I Heart Pinterest Wednesday

It's another Wednesday and I'm taking a five second break from slipcover making to share my favorite pins!This week's Puerto Rico post will be moved to Thursday, in case you're wondering. I want to make this recipe sooo bad! However I know there is no one in this house other than myself that loves dill this much....more

Purina One 28 Day Challenge

If you've read this blog for more than the past few minutes you've probably heard me talk about my dogs....more

Meal Pinning Monday

So I cheated a bit on Dukan last week. I was doing great until we had a game night, home girl just can't turn down thin crust pizza.Especially since Jeremy won't order it!This week there shouldn't be any distractions, so I'll share what I'm eating and what I am basically living off of for a few days! [What is Meal Pinning Monday?] MPM is how I...more

I Heart Pinterest Wednesday

It is Wednesday isn't it?Summer throws me off majorly!So this weeks theme, there isn't one. It's just a few of the things I am coveting on the inter-webs here lately! We are all into the Dukan Diet right now (and it's obviously a European craze considering the lack of English speakers using the tag on IG) but these Duggar Rolls will be used sometime as soon as I can have cheat meals ....more

PR 1: Parque de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy

I started out editing every single picture from this one place, which turned out to be a chore. So enjoy this compilation of edited and unedited pics....more

Meal Pinning Monday

Today I'm finally back to real life.After two weeks I'm surprisingly saying "About time!" One can only live in a spotty wifi world for so long. [What is Meal Pinning Monday?] MPM is how I...more

I Heart Pinterest - DIY Skin Care

This week's topic is skin care....more