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Guess what. {Sort of really big news.}

Is it just me, or whenever you see someone say “I have big news!” do you automatically assume it means they are pregnant? You know, unless they are male. Or 97 ....more

Adorable Custom Paper Dolls {Stash-Busting Giveaway}

My childhood was spent doing primarily three things: Reading. Playing with dolls. Reading while playing with dolls ....more

11 Unrelated and Basically Useless Things I Learned This Week

1. I learned that Ashley is to blame for the winter we’ve been having. Turns out when she decorates her mantel, nature reacts accordingly ....more

Easy DIY Inkblot Pillow {Plus Free Psychiatric Evaluation}

Have you ever wondered if you demonstrate any traits typically aligned with a hamster running in its wheel, are the social equivalent of a spatula, or have an underlying attraction to canned beans?* *No? What ARE you, sane? Well, wonder no more ....more

White Vans, Orange Shag, and Gazelle {or, Q&A about our wall-to-wall carpeting}

Let’s face it: installing wall-to-wall carpet is about as popular in the world of interior design as tweezing your nose hairs out at the dinner table would be, well, anywhere. (I hope? Don’t admit it if your dinner table is prone to such antics.) But around here we love nose hairs being different ....more

That Time My Blog Demanded Plastic Surgery {Plus Six Great Resources for Customizing Basic Blogs}

My blog hasn’t had a midlife crisis in a while, so it was no surprise to me when over the weekend it tried to sneak out to get hair implants and then began demanding a Porsche. I firmly said no while doing more important things, like creating that raindrop decal accent wall in K’s nursery. But when it began whining about its liver spots and then threatened to look up its old beaus on Facebook, I said whatever, enough is enough and offered a simple facelift as collateral ....more

DIY Colorful Raindrop Decals {Nursery Accent Wall}

Several things happen when you sit nursing a baby for any great length of time. You begin wondering if you’d be able to walk to the kitchen and get the eggless cookie dough out of the fridge without breaking baby’s latch. You get an overwhelming urge to check and make sure your boob is still intact ....more

Waxing Nostalgic About Our Formerly Decrepit Second Floor {Part 1: Nursery & Master Bedroom and Closet}

We started the projects discussed in this post in February 2011. I started writing this post in September 2013. It is now February 2014 ....more

If You’d Asked Me

There’s a question that people like to ask, sometimes at an interview, sometimes in an icebreaker, sometimes just in casual conversation: Where do you see yourself five years from now? When presented with this query, I’d generally take the opportunity to be brilliantly vague and answer with something really deep and mind-blowing.* *Or not deep or mind-blowing at all. And if you’d asked me a year ago today what I’d be doing in just one year, I probably would’ve said something like “I’ll be teaching.”** **Mind=blown ....more

Headbands, Hats, & Hoods (Plus Enough Cheeks for Three Babies)

Katie at For Lauren &+ Lauren is hosting a Baby Mama link-up today. Say what? An invitation to parade my baby’s squishy face across the Internet? ...more