Why Gloria Steinem Supports Immigration Reform and You Should, Too

For many of us, the burdens of immigrants are, well, other people's problems. We can commiserate but, at the end of the day, we’ve got jobs and families and a real life with enough problems of our own, right? Wrong....more

Job Lab: ROYO: Pitch Me

Pitch me sessionWith Lucretia Pruit: @lucretiapruit and Jenn Fowler @JennFowler Elements of a good elevator pitch: Name Nametags that flip both ways  Your blog’s title, not your URL Describe what your blog is about. State the nature of your blog Keep it short and sweet, 2-3 sentences brief. Your stats: don’t lie. But talk about your readers expectations Tagline: if you want to work with an agency, be mindful about your tagline....more