Erica Shark

Erica Monique Shark was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Not afraid to speak her mind she was never at a loss for words. Throughout school she loved activities such as dance, art, drama and track & field. Most importantly, Erica had a love for entertaining friends and family. Reality television within the past 10 years has been on an all time high and E Shark’s addiction even higher. She wanted to voice her opinion to the masses and so E Shark hit the net! Now there is E Shark TV, a place that gives the real deal on everything reality.

The Wrath of Tami

Check it out as I discuss the madness which is Tami!...more

Meeka sues Tami

Well guys... as I suspected I am almost certain the fight in Italy next week will be Meeka and Tami....more

Basketball Wives Episode 7 Recap!

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The Real Blogger of L.A.

When I first found out the Blogging While Brown conference was going to be held in Los Angeles, CA I was ecstatic to say the least. You see, I am a Brooklyn born and raised girl with loyalty to the east coast (sans the Biggie-Tupac drama). I thought that the sun, and gnarly ways of the west would somehow taint my "Big Apple Swag". I hate to admit this but I was WRONG (cue gasps). LA was just what I needed....more

Famous Food Episode 2