Cheryl Bigus

I am a Healthy-Life Strategist who specializes in hormone health and it's affects on a well-lived life. I work with women to transform their current state of chronic stress, hormonal dysfunction and weight problems so they can achieve their divine right to vitality.

I will teach you to free yourself from weight issues, chronic stress, and to get off the hormonal roller coaster so you can attain your euphoria.

You are responsible for your well-being but you don’t have to beat your body into submission to reach your goals.

I completely understand what you are going through with weight fluctuation, lack of sleep. low energy and all the other fun hormonal waves.

I believe we should be able to live in a world where women can continue to bloom into their 40s and beyond and not be looked upon as used up, over and done with, or that we have “let ourselves go” just because we are going through a perfectly natural change in our bodies.

YOU AREN’T BROKEN, and you most likely don’t have a disease.

Hormonal changes occur our entire lives,.It is the natural progression of life, but it doesn’t mean that you are less than because you don’t have the body of a 20 year old. I am excited to work together to improve the hormonal imbalances that you are facing.

So many of us hit a wall in achieving our weight and lifestyle goals, then we just give up and try to cope. That doesn’t have to be the case. We expect so much of ourselves and in turn stifle our growth, our happiness and eventually burn out. We put everything ahead of ourselves because we perceive meeting our own needs and wants as selfish.

Your well-being = your FREEDOM!

I changed my perspective on my needs and wants and my life completely changed; my relationships, my physique, my health, my happiness all improved.

I am happy and that is due to freeing myself from some crazy ideal of what I am supposed to be.

I know this: I am everything I need to be; I have everything I need to have; now I go forward in helping women who are ready to make the changes. I have the goods and I am ready to take what is coming; it's not "when" or "if", it is now.

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