Michelle Ephraim

I am a Shakespeare professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. Along with my friend and fellow Shakespearean Caroline Bicks (Boston College), I write a humor blog called Everyday Shakespeare (http://www.everydayshakespeare.com). I am also the author of the book Reading the Jewish Woman on the Elizabethan Stage (Ashgate, 2008). In addition to academic articles, I've written essays and op-eds for publications such as The Washington Post, Tikkun, McSweeney's, The Morning News, Lilith, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. I am currently working on a memoir.

Suburbs of Our Discontent: Ballet Recital

  Lady: Madam, we'll dance. Queen: My legs can keep no measure in delight, When my poor heart no measure keeps in grief: Therefore, no dancing, girl; some other sport....more

Bandz: A Sonnet

Silly Bandz: A SonnetIn the old age bracelets were not p...more

Extreme Parenting

I went to see that odd bird of Shakespeare’s plays, Timon of Athens, last week. I’m happy to report that it was a fantastic production (Actor’s Shakespeare Project) followed by a perfect corned beef/cabbage/potatoes dish at The Franklin Café. An evening bad for the body but good for the mind....more

How to Teach Shakespeare to Kindergarteners

How to Teach Shakespeare to Kindergarteners...more

Everyday Shakespeare

I think that teen angst would add a ...more

Date Night of The Titans

Everyday Shakespeare http://www.everydayshakespeare.com     “Date Night” is a reference to the popular Tina Fey movie. In our house, “Date Night” is also a reference to the very unpopular movie we saw on Saturday night. That’s right, I’m talking about The Clash of the Titans: 3D.My husband lovingly recollects the 1981 film version starring Laurence Olivier (and Harry Hamlin!), so I thought it would be cool to get tickets....more

Sonnet: To the Lady with the Lexus in the Mall Parking Lot

Sonnet: To the Lady with the Lexus in the Mall Parking Lot   ...more

A Painful Truth About Parents and Bullying

Everyday Shakespeare http://www.everydayshakespeare.com   Here in Massachusetts we’re getting continuous media coverage of the fallout from Phoebe Prince’s suicidal response to her schoolmates’ chronic bullying. We’ve got details on the alleged perpetrators, statements by their lawyers, columnists weighing in on which adults to blame, and updates on the impending Massachusetts Anti-Bullying Legislation....more

Suburbs of Our Discontent

Everyday Shakespeare http://www.everydayshakespeare.com     "Come, let me wipe thy face” (5.2.294) --Gertrude to her son Hamlet right before she drops dead   On Sunday, our neighbors hosted a “welcome” party for the new family on our street....more

When John Hughes Matters Most

  I don’t know how many Oscar ceremonies I’ve seen, but this year’s was the first that made me feel something other than fat and unfashionable. I’m talking about that lengthy, complex tribute to director John Hughes, the mastermind behind Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club and the guru of my adolescence....more

It's called Don't You Forget About Me: Contemporary writers on the films of John Hughes. I've ...more

Crazy Academic=Crazy Mom?