Defining Basic Social Media Terms

Social media is how we connect with each other -- and with companies and brands -- online. These days every marketing plan includes social media; to ignore it would be to ignore a significant portion of your audience. But what is social media? How do you use it? Where do you start? The first step is understanding the terms associated with social media. Here are some of the common terms of social media. This list is by no means exhaustive and I would love to have your suggestions or questions about these and other terms in the comments of this post....more

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Marketing 101. Chapter 7: Tracking, Metrics and Measurement for Your Blog

In order to ensure the effectiveness of your marketing in getting you to meet or exceed your business goals, you need to measure your results and adjust your plan accordingly. You need to choose a set of measurements or metrics to track, and then you need to analyze them and compare them against your goals so that you can do more of what works and less of what does not. ...more

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Artists Learning Lessons From Their Own Plastic Art

Where should fake plastic fish live? In a Plastiquarium, of course! Since creating my blog, Fake Plastic Fish, about plastic pollution, I've had the privilege of interviewing a growing segment of artists working in plastic to bring awareness to issues of plastic pollution, waste, and consumer culture. Here are a few gems I've discovered. ...more

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Marketing 101. Chapter 6: Branding

A brand is often thought of as the name of, logo for or symbols used by a business, product, service or person. But branding is actually much more than just the visual representation. A brand includes all the experiences consumers have with and perceptions they have of those companies, products, services or people. Logos Certain images immediately bring to mind the brand associated with them. Do you know what each of these pictures represents? ...more

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Do You Wear Yoga Pants -- When You're Not Doing Yoga? Is That OK?

Does this sound familiar? It's Tuesday and you don't have any plans to leave the house so you think, Eh, I'll just throw on my yoga pants today, which is fine until you realize that you need to run to the grocery/post office/coffee shop and so you do and you run into your ex/your mother-in-law/that woman from the carpool line who always looks like a supermodel. And you think, Argh, why didn't I get dressed? ...more

The ones with the bleach stains?!


Had a conversation with someone the ...more

Can You Change Your Blog Name and Keep Your Readers?

Blogging is a fun hobby. It's a way to get your voice out into the world and meet people with similar interests. As with anything, though, the more you do it, the more you see where your interests lie. You may start out blogging your pregnancy and family life or you may blog your political ideals. Then, after a few months or even a year, you see that you tend to be writing about certain topics more than others -- you've found your niche. And wouldn't you know it? Your niche and passion just don't fit your blog's name any more. Hey, it happens. One of my blogs went through three name changes before I finally settled on its final name. The question is: how can you change the name of your blog without confusing your readers? ...more

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How to Calculate Your Net Worth

Net worth is an important metric in personal finance. Take everything you own (your assets - cash, investments, car, house, etc.) and subtract from that everything you owe (your liabilities - mortgage, credit card debt, car loans, student loans, etc.), and the resulting number is your "financial worth" (or net worth) at that point in time....more

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