I'm the mom of a lovable French Bulldog, and my 17 kids can be found in my first grade classroom on weekdays. After earning a Master's degree in Psychology, I found happiness in teaching, and it's anyone's guess what comes next. A blissful life of balance is my pursuit; I want new adventures, but I take comfort in the familiar. My interests include: dogs, Austin, writing, teaching, yoga, books, tv, politics, gardening, interior design, cooking, painting, travel, photography, and more. All this in a tiny urban condo that's only 400 square feet!

That Poops Me Off - Part 2

Cont'd...from That Poops Me Off! - Part 1 ...more

That Poops Me Off - Part 1

Dear Guy-Who-Must-Live-Nearby-and-has-a-Really-Big-Boxer-Type-PitBull-Type-Dog,...more

That Poops Me Off - Part 1

Dear Guy-Who-Must-Live-Nearby-and-has-a-Really-Big-Boxer-Type-PitBull-Type-Dog, ...more