Amanda Jillian Brueckner

Amanda Jillian. FaerieBarista. Photographer.


MOMpreneur. Writer. Sometime Poet. Starbucks Addict. Magic.

I’m mama to two wonderfully mischievous faeries. I shoot people, with cameras of course.

You could call me the love child of Laurell K. Hamilton and Holly Black, although my real mom might disagree to a point. But then again I do kind of live in a faerie tale. A sassy mix of Merry Gentry and Kaye Fierch. Yeah I’m a beautiful disaster, and you love it.

Strangest compliment I ever received was from a girl a friend was trying to pick up at a bar. You have a gorgeous face, I mean I might have a great body but that face is gorgeous and will beat a great body hands down anytime. I was completely flabbergasted and spent the rest of the night grinning from ear to ear.

Time is sacred, especially in my process. I believe essentially that I’m capturing a memory for families. Freezing that moment in time. So they can look back and remember the little things. There’s no limits, no interruptions, just follow the flow. I like to capture moments, not poses. I feel that people, especially kids respond better when they are comfortable. Which is also why I do on location portraits. Having kids in a space they are comfortable in. I don’t actually have many rules, so it’s hard to follow or break them.

My specialty is spontaneous portraits, I call it “fun portraits” I basically follow kids around while they play or have fun. I shoot the moments, their smiles, silly faces, feet, hands, you name it. It helps to remember the day, the fun, the little things of your child, that don’t stay little for long.

My ultimate goal is to just, well, be be me. Make a living off of doing what I love. Taking photos, shooting people, capturing memories.


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