Alex Iwashyna

I went from an undergraduate degree in philosophy to a medical degree to a stay-at-home mom, poet, and writer by 30. Now I spends most of my writing time on, a humor blog, except when it’s serious, about life, parenting, marriage, culture, religion and politics. I have a muse of a husband, two young children, four cats, one puppy and a readership that gives me hope for humanity.

My Blogs

WTH World, Why Are You So Weird (Edition C)

Random odd things that can only mean I’m weird, and I’d like your to accept it. Goodreads just let me know that I’ve read...more

Edgar Allan Poe As A Children’s Book (Plus A Giveaway)

A local Richmond author and friend of a friend took an Edgar Allan Poe work and made into a children’s book. Ricky’s Spooky House There will be a subset of people who read that first sentence and say YAY! without a flinch ....more

Goodbye Forever Preschool

My daughter graduates from preschool this week. I have mixed feelings on the subject mostly because I watched a video that made me WANT A BABY RIGHT NOW. But this is our last preschool go around as far as I know and it makes graduation just a little bittersweet ....more

Thank You Maya Angelou (PS. Do I Tell My 7-Year-Old?)

I shared in the world’s mourning of the inspiring and forever-missed Maya Angelou mostly by listening. As famous people, who have impacted our lives, pass away, Scott and I will discuss it, but I have never had to tell...more

The One Guy Who Loves Cat Toilets

I’ve always thought no one enjoyed scooping kitty litter...more

#TakeTheTrain To Washington D.C. (Or Wherever You Want To Go)

Amtrak and Late Enough teamed up to talk about the awesomeness of train travel. On Sunday, we took the train up to Washington D.C. for the day. Staple Mill Road Station is definitely not as fancy as Union Station, but we...more

Fashion Tips From The Person Wearing See-Through Leggings

One of my many creations when I was heading up to NYC to meet with the NFL. I didn’t actually wear it because I didn’t want to be hired as their librarian so I’m clearly qualified to give pointers. I know I’ve tried to be fashionable in the past, but I’ve finally accepted my fashion-forward is more of a fashion-sideways, which means I’m ready to give you a top ten list of fashion and beauty tips! ...more

How 7 Year Olds Water The Garden

Remember when I mentioned the kids’ new gardens in my Mother’s Day post? I asked my son if he had watered his plants, and he’s all: Doing it right now, mom. Oh boy ....more

Pajamas All Day? Check.

Scott: What do you want for Mother’s Day? Me: My usual. Sleep-in ....more

Learning About The World From Dexter

I’ve been catching up on Dexter, and I’ve learned a few things over the seasons: Don’t move to...more