The Thrill is Gone

That's right - the thrill is indeed GONE.  I did not jump out of bed excited to exercise or determined to stick to healthy foods.  Of course, I never have jumped out of bed with that frame of mind, but I was at least pleased with finally working on the process of getting healthier....more
elaineR.N.  Smiling hugely - well, maybe it's selfish of ME that I'm back.  I'm glad you're ...more

Chocolate in My Cabinet

I thought my house was pretty free and clear of junk (aside from the remnants of cake which my husband and kids are still snacking on) until I opened my cabinet and saw that one of my baking chocolates was not 100% cacoa.  No - it was only 60%, which of course means, it's perfectly delicious.  I was tempted, but did not give in.  ...more
I like how you analyze as you go along re you and food and exercise and health.  I'm thinking ...more

No Junk Shall Pass These Lips

For one day only (today) I am trying to again eat only healthy wholesome foods.   This morning, I announced with pride to my daughter that so far I have only eaten healthy foods and then I looked at the clock and realized it was only 8:30.  ...more
Linda Anselmi  Laughing - Oh, Linda - that's TOO funny.  I busted up when I read your comment ...more

Going Up The Down Escalator

I'm excercising.  I'm doing it.  Every single day for at least 20 minutes.  It feels great.  Jillian's Shred is my main thing and I do it in the mornings and I can feel my legs are stronger and I can see improvement in my push ups.  I feel plain old healthier.  Over the weekend, I went skiing and walking.  Today I'll to to an hour of yoga.  Finally, I'm making things happen again.  I'm not running because of injuries, but I'm doing something every day.  That's the going up part....more

The Encouragement of Others

Three days down of Jillian's Shred Level One workout.  Three days!  I hadn't even planned on one.  I'd planned on 20 minutes of exercise thinking I could walk or do something, but that number 20 is pretty clever because it's the length of Jillian's workout.  Who can argue with only 20 minutes of something?!  (Well, I can, but I didn't)...more

The Process of Getting Started

Last night, I read on NPR, that dark chocolate is good for one's heart because some of the healthy gut bacteria really feast on the stuff and are then able to somehow or other make things happen that are good. Yeah, that was vague, but the article was good.So today I picked up a new dark chocolate.  Unfortunately, it's not pure dark chocolate.  It's 60 or 70%.  I think I'm not helping anything with this new chocolate fascination.  As well, I have a headache so I really don't think it's working for me.  ...more

Lack of Resolve

"Just Do It!"  Such great words.  Such exciting potential.  SO not easy.  I'm so dang typically human.  And yet, I know that there is a great truth to that phrase of just getting down and doing it....more

Habits Come and Habits Go

They say it takes three weeks to break a habit - or three weeks to start a new habit.  I've been doing that over and over for many months now.   It's a little like plus two, minus one except that I think right now I'm doing plus two, minus one point seven five.  Still, that's .25 forward and that counts.I meditated last night.I went to an hour of yoga last night.I slept a decent number of hours....more
FatCatOh, how I understand the cravings. It really is amazing how getting cleaned out relaxes ...more

My Brain as a Kludge

Such great goals I had beginning with today, but of course, I set those goals yesterday and I set them when I was feeling motivated to make goals (but not quite motivated to carry them out!).  Smiling - this is how goals are and thankfully I know I'm not a complete failure - just not as spectacularly successful as I'd like to be....more FatCat  I well remember your oven bacon and it's what we've been doing ever ...more

The New Normal

I'm back.  I used to write here daily as I began the process of trying to lose weight and I wrote almost every day as I lost 40 pounds and then I seemingly disappeared.  But I didn't.  Ha!  That would mean I got really really thin.  I didn't, but nor did I gain back lots of weight.  Instead I went on a side journey that was really good, but has neared its end....more
Linda Anselmi  Hi!!!!! Getting rid of all the processed foods was really eye-opening.  I thought ...more