DO I love my body?

DO I love the allergies that plague me when I travel to pollen rich climates?  No.  DO I love the overactive immune system that fights the common cold with such gusto that I'm am laid up for a couple weeks?  No.DO I love the bones that break easily?  No.DO I love the globules of fat that spread out around me when I sit down?  No....more
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In Need of a Mantra

"Me First" was my mantra through the first part of the year.  ME.  My kids, my family, the dirty dishes, the computer, work, dirty laundry and pretty much everything else always came before me.  They didn't really come before me, but they certainly came before any effort on my part to exercise....more
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Green Tea, Agave, and Reese's Cups

My three month check up showed my triglycerides are still high.  Still.  I've been eating that darn oatmeal with flax seed almost every single day for the last three months and there was not much to show for it."Exercise, lose weight and avoid fatty foods" says the nurse person.I do!  I've been doing it!  I've discovered a love of flax seed and a polite relationship with oatmeal.  ...more
 @elaineR.N. Nah - the pizza toast isn't purchased.  That surely would not fit the low sodium ...more

The Weight Machines

After months and months of Jillian and jogging and joining in on the treadmill world, I have decided to re-introduce myself to the weight machines.Boy Oh Boy am I weak!I know that some of my overuse injuries in my knee can be prevented by working on muscle stuff and I have been doing muscle stuff with Jillian, but even so, when it came to the machines, I was pretty surprised at how weak I am in comparison with what I remember I was from twenty years ago....more
 @elaineR.N. Ha ha - Buff I am certainly not!  But I do like the extra oomph feeling in my legs. ...more

Oh Beyonce, If only it were that easy!

I like to think that when a day (or two or three) goes by without blogging, it's because my life is busier and richer and full of MORE of life.  I think, however, that my blogging absences just give me a good excuse to pretend that I haven't been trying to lose weight this year.Sometimes I don't know how the heck I got through that first miserable horrible torturous stage back in January, February and March where the weight came off so slowly but with such little to show for it....more
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A Morning Run

The first thing I did this morning after brushing my teeth was put on my running clothes.  I didn't leave the house for a while, but I was dressed and ready.  As soon as others were awake, I took off in the car with the dog to yesterday's 5K course.I ran....more
 @motherofnine9 We aren't getting much of a summer, but the horrible heat  and drought in so ...more

No Running, but a Lot of Eating

A huge yawn just escaped my body and it felt exactly as a huge yawn ought to feel - big and stretchy and relaxing.  I'm sitting in the dark room waiting for my kids to fall asleep and exhausted from a day that had a lot of stress involved, but all went quite well....more
 @KarenLynnn Smiling - I DID go out and run the course and it was good.  It didn't feel good, ...more

Colds Have Hit Us Again

When one stays home with their kids, they are at high risk of becoming a daycare for parents who need daycare at the last minute.  I was pegged as one of those homes and the last two weeks I've been watching my own kids, plus a toddler and a five year old.  I have a couple more days next week of both extra kids and then just one extra and then it will return to normal.  It's been a good age range and I like when kids have the opportunity to really interact with kids who are younger and older in positive ways....more

Losing Weight Without Suffering?

I've lost a couple pounds recently and I swear those couple pounds came right from my knees.  Really.  I kept looking at my knees in the mirror while I did my kettlebell workout this morning and they looked like they had some definition.  They might even be on their way to getting knobby!!!  My oversized shorts and t-shirt helped create the illusion of very thin legs and knobby knees.  I tried to see how far the good news was and I lifted up my shorts exposing my thighs.  Not so attractive....more
Loved this post and how you are looking good and knowing it!!  Whoo hoo.  Of course - and let's ...more

Change, Shame, Judgement

A friend of mine has been losing some weight and is feeling the high that goes along with that.  She's transforming and changing and growing and feeling really good.  She was talking about how she felt and asked me how I have felt I have changed.  I answered something to the effect that I felt like the thing I was most powerless about (my weight) was no longer out of my control.Then I began thinking about shame because that is the thing that is really the thing missing these days....more
I'm proud of you :)more