Feelings I Love

I love when I'm ready to go on a trip and the house is clean and the bags are packed and I can just sit and truly relax.  I love when I'm out walking with my kids and my dog and I have everything we need in a small backpack, including snacks for an impromptu picnic.  I love when I come downstairs during the Christmas season and see our house looking clean and special.  I love when I once drove on a roadtrip feeding myself, my dog and my small parrot bites of my Gala apple.  I love when the silverware drawer is clean and the children's clothes are neatly folded and my fil...more
 @HomeRearedChef Me too!  I'm solving it with a nice mint mojito that my honey made for me.  Our ...more

Double Jump Ropes

This morning I received a text message at 5:15 in the morning.  My alarm was set for 6:15.  The night had already been a lousy one with waking kids here and there and the text at five fifteen was far too early for me.However, it was a person I know who was asking if I was going swimming.  It's a person who wants to exercise, has a crazy work schedule and doesn't feel comfortable going to the gym or pool by herself.  It's a person who is reaching out so of course I texted back and said the plans were to go to the gym instead....more
 @HomeRearedChef Yay for you guys.  Doing it together sounds nice.  My husband is blessed with ...more

Stalled Out

I am feeling pretty dang skinny these days.  I'm not actually skinny.  Take off my clothes and it is evident that I am not, but in my clothes, I'm feeling downright okay.  I'm feeling so okay that I kind of feel like I don't need to keep losing weight.Yet, I am still one of the 67% of the population in my state that is overweight....more
 @Panda Mom Confessions I did a pretty good job the other day with my living room, but you ...more

Blissfully All Alone

We planned our weekend and yesterday after the local parade was my time to head out for a run.  I wanted to, but I didn't want to.  I did the dishes.  I got dressed in my running clothes and did some laundry.  I ate an apple.  I looked outside at the rain and wondered if I should ditch my plans.  But I did not.I loaded myself and the dog into the car and drove to the hills.  I didn't really have a vision of where I wanted to run and I thought I'd be cold and I was quite content to not run.  But I didn't....more
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One Step Forward. Half Step Back.

My husband came home earlier than planned.  Yippee.  Also meant that this morning I could get up and go for a run.  No more of my flimsy excuses.  I was going to be Back On Track.But this morning when my alarm went off, I didn't feel very keen on being Back on Track and I really thought that More Sleep might be the way to go.  And then, with partially opened eyes, I read my emails on my iphone and saw a comment from ElaineR.N. that she was up and out for a walk and THAT is what got me out of bed....more
 @TruthsfromtheChaos Laughing - Well boy oh boy it sure is a good thing I wasn't with you ...more

Appreciating Mental Health

So this week my husband is gone which means I can't get out and exercise.  Of course I could exercise inside and I could bundle up the kids and put them in the bike trailer, but I just don't really feel up for braving the cold and wind.  It makes me appreciate how well I've been doing over the last bunch of months.  It makes me appreciate how focused I was on making change happen because right now I'm not feeling very focused....more
 @FatCat Yes, menopause has been a real challenge. And let's not even talk about how much more ...more

Oh, I Just Want to Eat.

As I biked lazily across town yesterday with my kids in the bike trailer, I actually seriously pondered how much food I could consume.  Three thousand five hundred calories of food?  That would only be one pound.I can gain a pound.  Heck, why not.  I can call it an "experiment in how I feel afterwards" and then blog about it.  And then after feeling bloated and uncomfortable I can go exercise a bunch (next week)....more
 @JourneyofLife I'd welcome my period with open arms if it really meant I could eat some Reese's ...more

Flax and Running Apps and Being Gregarious

During the past few months, I've made some plans to change some behaviors and here are a few updates....Flax.  I introduced a tablespoon of flax into my also introduced daily bowl of oatmeal.  I swear the flax is good stuff!  I've had oatmeal plenty of times, but with the flax, I'm not feeling bloated.  My rings are looser more consistently.  My system feels a bit happier.  I am fairly impressed by the flax - not by the oatmeal.  But I'm gonna keep with both and see how my trigylcerides look in three months....more
 @FatCat  LOL My sister is not a meany, but sometimes she can be frank~   Well, I believe & hope ...more

Head in the Clouds of Hawaii

Last night, lying in bed with my husband, I Googled triathlons and Hawaii.  If we're going to think about traveling for a family trip and a triathlon, why not go to Hawaii.  As I scrolled through the races, I scoffed aloud at the short distances.  A half mile swim?  Pa!  A six mile run?  Piece of cake!  A 20 mile bike ride?  Um - not my favorite, but I bet with some practice, not an issue!  An ironman?  A DOUBLE ironman?  Hmmm - could I?...more
 @FatCat LOL! Indeed, it all does sound VERY tiring.  Phew!more

The Triathlon and Memories of Math Class

Remember sitting in a math test or a history test and looking at the questions and not having any clue how to do any of them.  Remember flipping through the pages looking for just something that you understood.  I'm sure there are many that didn't have this experience (my husband), but not I. I was a sharp enough kid and teenager, but I was lazy when it came to paying attention in school or studying.  Except that as I write this, I am reminded that I had the top score in geometry and aced one of my pre-algebra classes.  I failed the first one....more
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