I Feel Hopeful

Actually, at the moment I feel like a bloated overstuffed uncomfortable orca whale.  The jeans I've been LOVING were tight on my body today.  I had a feeling of, "Ohhh, I've gained weight" but then I remembered I'd just washed them.Nonetheless, I've eaten some rich foods (such as HomeRearedChef's absolutely delicious carrot pie) and a variety of soups and while, I didn't have LOADS of anything, I did have a lot more oils and butters and sugars today.And I really do feel bloated....more
 @souschef Yeah...well...I'M looking at you, Sous! That was so funny. Got a good SousChef ...more

A Scary Experience yet an Okay Day

My husband came back from his trip a day early which meant I could leave the house this morning to go work out.  My friends were going to the pool, and with the idea of a triathlon in mind and my monthly goal of swimming four times, I opted to do that....more
 @HomeRearedChef It did happen two days later, but on a much milder level.  I decided that I was ...more

The Biggest Loser Winners

I began working on getting in shape the first week of the New Year around the same time that The Biggest Loser was beginning a new season.  We're not TV watchers, but I did watch the show on my computer while trying to force my way through twenty very slow minutes on the elliptical....more
 @TruthsfromtheChaos It's true how the images burn into your head.  Every time I do the jumping ...more

My April To-Do List

Denise posted the April To-Do list and this is what I put on: 1.  Make a meal plan for three of the four weeks2.  Do sprinting practices after a run once a week3.  Swim laps in the pool 4 times and try to see if I can possibly swim a mile4.  Dig the bike and bike stroller out of the snowed in shed5.  Bike around town with the kids in tow - maybe while eating soft serve ice creams6.  Bike 7 miles and see how it feels or if it's even possible...more
Laughing - yeah, I don't think that was one of my best moments of resolve.  Bugs and hugs to you ...more

Crabby Sinuses and Afternoon Community Walks

There is a marked difference between my pre-coffee thoughts in the morning and my bedtime thoughts in the evening.  The pattern is beginning to sink in.In the evening, I'm generally always full of optismism and excitement for the next day.  I sometimes don't even want to fall asleep.  I envision great things, but I know my limits so I try to tailor down my grand ideas to something more reasonable and likely to happen....more
 @HomeRearedChef I made the pie!!!  It didn't finish baking till 10:30 last night and by then ...more

I Don't Want to be a Bystander in Life

A number of years ago my family had a layover in New Orleans for one night.  We stayed in the French Quarter and went out to eat.  While sitting on stools at a round table eating burgers and fries, the bartender turned the zydeco music up a bit and a waiter and waitress went over to the dancefloor and started to dance.  It was wonderful to watch, but more than watching, I wanted to be dancing too.Except I didn't dance.  I didn't know how and I wasn't gutsy enough to dance anyway.Now I do.  I know how to dance and I'm fairly gutsy about dancing....more
 @isthisthemiddle I want to respond, "Oh, I think it all sounds much tougher than it really is, ...more

Four Mile Run (Jog)

I sat in a training today where cashews were generously placed on the table.  I don't think I've ever appreciated how good cashews are until today.  They are meaty and rich and delicious and addicting.  After eating more than I thought was probably prudent, I looked at the container they came in - 170 calories for 1/4 cup.  Wow.  I'm pretty sure I ate more than a quarter cup, but I did enjoy my pretended ignorant bliss!...more
 @FatCat You are absolutely NOT pathetic, even IF you open those cabinets a bunch of times.   lol!more

Dreaming Positive Things

Last night I dreamed I got to the half way point of a five mile run and was feeling just fine.  I had a nice stride, relaxed body, contented thoughts and just smiled and turned to head back home. THAT is what I'd like to achieve in real life (grinning - without trying)....more
 @elaineR.N. I just saw that I didn't respond to this comment, but I really thought I had!  I ...more

Back to Earth

I am pooped!I stayed up far too late last night and then was awake coughing so I only logged six hours of sleep maximum which just doesn't work for me.  This cough is not letting up and the lack of sleep just opened the door for a big coughing day.  I'm going to attempt a nap if I can sleep without coughing and hopefully that will right things a bit.However, even though I am exhausted and my left foot is sore and my hand is tingling on the tennis elbow side, my behaviors are good....more
 @HomeRearedChef I went!  Slept from 10 - 5!!  Woohoot.  Wouldn't mind a few more hours, but ...more

My Waist is Smaller Than My Husband's

Last night I brought down some jeans that didn't quite fit me, but I was certain would fit my husband.  They were a new pair of Levi's I'd purchased way back in the idealistic day and never got a chance to wear.  They have a 33 inch waist.My husband said they wouldn't fit and I said, "yuh-huh" and so he stood up and put them on and looked like a horrible version of Pee Wee Herman.  They did not fit at all.  And that's when I realized that my waist was now smaller than my husband's.  It's not something I ever expected to happen....more
@HomeRearedChef  Oh, no worries there.  I'll let you know what we think. What good is feedback ...more