Eight Minute Abs

I haven't been exercising, but two days ago I dragged myself down to the floor (it was hard) and did 8 minute abs.  I rather enjoyed it.  My kids sat on top of me.  I felt better after.  I thought, "tomorrow I'll do it again".  But I didn't.  I did however do them again today and wow was I sore at the start.  I had to stop throughout and take little breaths (there's no working through the pain for me), but I did it and I felt better....more
@FatCat Great appointment.  I can start exercising and using my hand.   Can't lift more then 1 ...more

A Craving for Cheese Rolls

Last night I ran (walked) over to the store after class to pick up some spaghetti squash for today.  I hadn't eaten dinner before class and while I wasn't actually hungry, as I entered the store and saw the deli donuts and cheese rolls, I felt myself wanting one.I did not pause.  I kept walking, but I could feel my old eye scanners kicking in - "what is on that shelf that sounds good to eat".  ...more
@elaineR.N. The thing that has been the most fun has been learning how to use squash instead of ...more

Eating Well and Eating a LOT

Fifteen days of fantastic meals.  Fifteen days of foods that I don't feel guilty about eating at all.  Fifteen days of nutrients and vegetables in an array of colors and soups with textures and meats with new seasonings.  And fifteen days of a full stomach....more
@elaineR.N. It has definitely been a positive thing for our family.  Now to finish getting ...more

Paleo - What the Relatives are Not Saying

My relatives have been having some "talks" lately about this eating thing my family is doing this month in our home.  We are following a paleo diet and using the whole30.com challenge to guide us through the process.  For our family, it's been a really good experience so far and there is no doubt we are eating far healthier than ever before, but for our relatives, it is a bit distressing....more
@elaineR.N. There's not a lot that's super crazy new with what we are doing - just more like ...more

My Jeans

Just two weeks ago I was in a bit of a kerfuffle.  I needed to leave and I couldn't find my old dark green jeans.   Our house is small and there are not many places the jeans could have been, but in my quest, in our very small house with limited options for storage, I managed to pull out everything in all the places where they could have been.To no avail....more
@FatCat I am intrigued that it isn't about will power. I'll check this out. Thxmore

Kids on the Paleo Diet: They Like It

My kiddos and I went to the market yesterday and as I stood inspecting the ingredients in cans of tuna fish, my son found himself face to face with the Sponge Bob box of macaroni and cheese. Sponge Bob looked so happy and bright and my boy feet so thrilled to see a friend of his. Even if he's never watched the show, he somehow still has managed to identify Sponge Bob as his favorite character. ...more
@Well Worn Soles You know, I have been absolutely mind boggled by how well my kids have done.  I ...more

The Iron Stove in My Gut

Sometimes I've pictured a small cast iron stove inside my inner core.  I've seen mine as burning stronger than my mom's, but I've also been aware that it's just not all that strong.  I seem good at stoking it enough to keep going when I need to - good things if I'm working late or getting up early or climbing some neverending mountain, but I'm not so good at actually making it bigger....more
Congratulations and thanks for sharing.  Can't wait until I get a workable right hand to join ...more

My Knee is Pain Free?!! How Could That Be?!

Last night I was up four times tending to my little boy who wasn't feeling so well.  In between those times I slept really well.  I woke up feeling slender.  I'm not slender, but I'm now not feeling bloated and the difference between those two states of being is pretty remarkable.I also woke up for the first time in...a month?...with NO pain behind my knee.  None.  Nada.  Nothing.  Zilch....more
I am looking forward to receiving the cookbook, which should be today.  And, will have to begin ...more

"It's not really Paleo"

I slept well.  I woke up ready for coffee, but overall I felt okay.  Then, I read the "timeline" that goes with the Whole30 challenge.  It says that days two, three, four can be rather miserable as stuff works its way out of your system.  Hmmm.  Not so keen on that, nor the whines and fall-aparts from the kids, but I imagine it can't be worse than the constant colds and congestion and crabbiness we've been dealing with.  The best days where you feel the positive change in energy aren't till the start of the third week.  ...more
@elaineR.N.  @FatCat No walking?  I wonder why, but maybe it's the intensity that's the issue. ...more

Pumpkin Pancakes, Mustard Chicken and Butternut Squash

Today is day one of the Whole30 Challenge.  It's a Paleo thing.  I feel uncomfortable saying it's the Paleo Diet because I'm really not one to jump on any type of bandwagon.  I kinda like moving through a parade dancing with some, clapping with others and just weaving amongst everyone.This could be the problem....more
@Linda Anselmi I'm not sure why my husband is on board.  He loves his grape nuts and yogurt and ...more